Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 26 - Stop Right There!

Wang Shen Ze continued walking forward with his big and steady footsteps, completely disregarding Lin Wen Xin’s question.

He had walked so quickly that there is now a huge distance between them.

Uhm... Did he not hear her question?

Lin Wen Xin was really confused but the answer soon became clear as Wang Shen Ze closed the lift’s door right in front of her face.

“Wait...! Hold on...”


“Oh well, I guess... maybe not then...”

She then walked dejectedly to the employee’s lift and took it down to the ground floor.

The bus services are already not operating at this hour so she has no choice but to take a taxi back home.

Today was such a long day for her and she really could not wait to get back home and rest for the night.

Lin Wen Xin held on to her handbag as she strolled across the lobby, towards the entrance of the building.

“Wen Xin!”

Xiao Yu Zheng called out to her as soon as he saw her exiting from the main entrance.

“Yu Zheng??... Why are you here?”

She was surprised to see him waiting for her outside the office with his car parked just a few steps away.

“I called you earlier but I couldn’t reach you.”

“You called me??” Lin Wen Xin reached for her phone in her bag.

She fiddled with it for a few seconds, “Oh! I think it is out of battery... I’m sorry!”

Xiao Yu Zheng smiled and shook his head lightly, “It’s okay! I initially wanted to bring you out for dinner to celebrate your first day of work here.”

already 10.45pm! Don’t tell me you waited for me from 6pm and haven’t had

Yu Zheng’s face as

gone to grab something to eat first!” Lin Wen Xin said to him

left for a short while,

I have nothing much to do today so I might as well

be heard by Xiao Yu Zheng’s secretary, he

is a huge pile of documents at the office

here isn’t it? Otherwise how are you going to get back home? It’s

Zheng looked at Lin Wen Xin dotingly while trying to

“Stop right there!”

two of them quickly turned their heads to the side - curious about the person who had just

Wang Shen Ze??

he already leave the office? Why did

Wang Shen Ze

of anger as he grabbed her left wrist and

Xin had a bewildered look on her face as she struggled to free her wrist from his

“Ouch!... It... it hurts...!”

Shen Ze then released her and came face

Shen Ze finally broke the silence with his cold voice,

he responded, “Who are you

“I am her husband!”

her husband, you wouldn’t have left her out here alone

Yu Zheng looked at him with

Ze immediately went forward and threw him a

so powerful that Xiao Yu Zheng lost his footing and fell

open his eyes for that

Ze swiftly went

Wen Xin was completely dumbstruck

to the ground and ran over

him!... Please stop hitting

down uncontrollably as she tried her best to hold on to his hands but her strength was obviously not

not want anyone to get hurt because

Xin turned around and saw that Xiao Yu

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