Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 27 - Didn’t He Tell You?

The ride to the hospital that was supposed to take thirty minutes, only took fifteen minutes!

As soon as the Black Rolls Royce car pulled over at the front of the hospital’s entrance, a team of senior doctors and nurses immediately rushed forward.

They had been notified by Wang Shen Ze earlier and were already on standby since ten minutes ago.

“President Wang!...”

“President Wang...”

Each of them greeted him as they helped Lin Wen Xin onto the stretcher and quickly pushed her into the emergency room.

Meanwhile, Wang Shen Ze sat outside the room as he clasped his hands and silently prayed that Lin Wen Xin would be fine.

Yue He Hospital is known to be the best private hospital in the country which is owned by DT holdings.

It has two separate buildings in the same compound - one of it is serving the general public while the other is exclusively for the Wang Family.

After the lead doctor had finished assessing Lin Wen Xin’s condition, he came out of the room and Wang Shen Ze immediately stood up.

“How is she?” He asked worriedly, even before the doctor could report anything to him.

The lead doctor has been working with the family for more than twenty years and this is the first time he has actually seen this side of Wang Shen Ze.

He is usually very apathetic and it is indeed rare to see him panicking today.

“President Wang, Madam is suffering from a mild concussion but she is fine and should be awake within the next twenty four hours.”

Wang Shen Ze heaved a sigh of relief and instantly returned to his indifferent self.

The lead doctor bowed his head and no longer dared to meet his eyes as he sensed the complete change in Wang Shen Ze’s aura.


The next morning, Lin Wen Xin opened her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar environment.

of antiseptic... IV


“You are awake?”

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newspaper away and walked towards her

Shen Ze then poured a cup of water and handed it

“Thank you President Wang.”

come in to the ward as soon

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asked her a couple of questions before concluding his report to Wang Shen

now and then. I would suggest for her to stay in the hospital for a few more days so we could continue with

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Oh no! How embarrassing!!

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always solve her problems by hiding and pretending

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to him respectfully

Xin obviously heard what he had said. She

dishes were being brought in and placed on the table

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