Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 28 - He Heard Everything!

Lin Wen Xin questioned in a surprised tone, “Left the country??...”

She then went on to explain to Xiao Yu Meng about what had happened the other day to Wang Shen Ze and Xiao Yu Zheng.

“What?! Seriously?! No wonder he left in such a hurry and said that he won’t be back for quite a while!”

Xiao Yu Meng hesitated before adding on, “And to think about it... Wang Shen Ze is so protective over you that day?!... Has he fallen in love with you??”

Lin Wen Xin unknowingly blushed as soon as she heard that.

However, she quickly denied it. “No... I don’t think so... I think he is just... uhmm... just...”

No matter how hard Lin Wen Xin tried to think of a reasonable excuse, she could not come up with one!

“Alright alright! Save your breath! You don’t have to share your love story to a ‘single person’ like me!”

Lin Wen Xin smiled as she replied, “It’s just a one-sided love. There’s nothing much to share about anyway.”

“Well... at least you are in love! What about me? Are you mocking me?” Xiao Yu Meng teased her.

“Noo... I’m not... I wouldn’t dare to do that! Ha-ha!!”

The conversation went on until Xiao Yu Meng had to go and they finally ended the call.

Somehow Xiao Yu Meng was able to help lighten her heavy mood.

Lin Wen Xin had been standing in front of the window the entire time.

She squinted her eyes as she looked up at the bright sky.

“Today is going to be a good day! Lin Wen Xin, you can do it!”

She spoke out loud to herself with confidence, together with some big hand gestures.

Just when she turned around and was about to reach out for her bag, she noticed...


the person sitting leisurely on the chair

“President Wang??!”

her with

has he been

he has heard everything from the

Xin’s mind is basically like a mental

calm down. But she still remained


no... I’m not...” She stuttered and could not stop fiddling with her

Ze saw how nervous she is and decided not to

heard everything that Lin Wen Xin had said, and could roughly guess what their conversation

ask her to be so unaware of her

got to be a small lesson to teach her to be more vigilant

so there is no work for the

now.” Wang Shen Ze carried the bag containing her

Xin grabbed her handbag and chased after him from the back,

driver opened the door for them as he took over the bag

Wen Xin asked curiously as soon

Ze indirectly replied her by ordering

nodded his head and started driving

Paolo Terra?? Where is that?” Lin Wen Xin pondered to herself as she looked out of the

shopping mall and were welcomed by the

was secretly in awe when they saw Lin Wen

a gorgeous

our President does not even spare a glance

no one more deserving than her to be standing beside

are more than perfect for each

Wen Xin noticed that everyone was quietly staring at her. She smiled embarrassedly as she lifted her fingers and gently brushed on

they looking at me like that?... Is there

Shen Ze was extremely displeased with the fawning look

spatted out coldly, “Manager

way please.” Manager Zhang sweated profusely

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