Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 29 - Has He Met Her Before?

Wang Shen Ze immediately stood up and walked out of the private room.

He glanced back quickly to ensure that the balcony’s door had been closed properly before commanding Yi Fan, “Watch him closely and report to me immediately when he enters Country F!”

Sure enough, the most ruthless young man in Country C had all access to the people entering and leaving the country.

It is completely easy for him to track down anyone and as long as he wanted to, no one would be able to escape his eyes.

Even if they have already left the country...

Wang Shen Ze originally planned to confront Xiao Yu Zheng again. He wanted to warn him to stay away from her.

However, he had to first ensure that Lin Wen Xin is perfectly fine at the hospital before he could get down to business.

After all, she ended up in the hospital because of his recklessness. And he had to be fully responsible for this.

But who would have guessed that Xiao Yu Zheng had already fled from the country with such bad injuries?

He had totally underestimated Xiao Yu Zheng!

Right now, Wang Shen Ze would just keep a close eye on him and make sure that he does not appear in front of Lin Wen Xin again.

Treat that beating as his final ‘gentle’ warning to him!

Wang Shen Ze slowly loosened his clenched fist and returned to the room.

Meanwhile in the room, Lin Wen Xin was busy calculating the total cost of the entire meal.

tiny portion yet expensive dishes in front of her and sighed

able to get her two luxury designer bags that she

more worth it? At least she could see where the money had

she is not paying for today’s meal, she still could not help but feel the pain

of the

Shen Ze walking in.

Wen Xin was so hungry that she

there was complete silence throughout

even feel awkward??

meal soon ended and they walked back to the

many famous upscale boutiques stores

Can I go in and

Xin and the two of them walked into

shop that sells limited edition designer business suits

immediately came out to

not know who Wang Shen Ze is, she

seen the general manager being

couple must be people of high positions and

course she is right

country due to its unique architecture and large selection of branded stores, Wang Shen Ze had never once dropped by to greet any

simply did not have the time to do so as this is considered quite a small business to

in the mall would recognise him as they had to often personally make a trip down to his

a fashion designer, she naturally has a good taste in matching

navy blue silk necktie that is on display in a prominent location had quickly caught her

Lin Wen Xin pointed to the tie and asked the

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