Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 30 - He Wanted It

“Do you like this design?”

Lin Wen Xin’s question interrupted his thoughts and instantaneously pulled him back to reality.

“Mmm”. Wang Shen Ze casually responded with the intention of clearing his dry throat and to also ease the awkwardness between them.


Lin Wen Xin got really excited after she heard it!

She happily took that response as a ‘yes’ and asked the manager to pack the item up for her.

Since Wang Shen Ze is extremely picky about what he wears, it is very challenging to find something that suits his taste.

To think that she was actually able to find one for him so easily, Lin Wen Xin really wanted to give herself a huge pat on the shoulder!

She looked at him with a delighted smile as she innocently believed that he was indirectly affirming her good sense of fashion.

So of course she would feel proud of herself!

I mean, who wouldn’t be??...

Meanwhile, Wang Shen Ze was completely lost for words and could only helplessly stare at her as she proceeded to make the payment.

He questioned himself in disbelief, “Is she seriously buying that?”

It seems like there was some error in their communication??

Wang Shen Ze then recalled the design that she picked and unwillingly consoled himself, “It’s still not too bad. At least it’s not an eyesore!”

He then saw Lin Wen Xin walking towards him with the branded paper bag.

Now what should he do? And what should he say to her?

Wang Shen Ze wanted to make it seem like he is doing her a favour by accepting this gift.

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