Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 31 - Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

“But I don’t remember walking back to my bedroom...” Lin Wen Xin scratched her head lightly as she struggled to recall what had happened last night.

She remembered that she was having a really sweet dream when her body suddenly floated up in the air.

The entire story took a drastic turn at this very moment! She dreamt that she had been kidnapped by a ferocious man!

Lin Wen Xin remembered shouting for him to let her go but he actually ignored her and instead, had held on to her tightly!

How dare he!!

But she knew that she had lesser strength and would never be able to win him so she had to play a different card.

She then mustered up her courage and began to scratch his face like a wild cat as an act of defence.

The next thing she knew, Lin Wen Xin had woken up in her bedroom this morning.

Was it actually not a dream at all? Why did it all felt so real to her??

Lin Wen Xin pondered for a while, before finally brushing the thought away.

As she headed upstairs to the dining room for breakfast, she realised that Wang Shen Ze is not around.

Judging by the time, he would usually be here by now.

Lin Wen Xin then turned to the servants nearby and asked curiously, “Do you all happen to know where President Wang had gone to?”

The servants simply gave her a judgemental look before ignoring her and continuing with their daily chores.

Everyone in the house knew that she is an unwanted wife that their boss had brought home.

Hence, nobody has ever served her, neither have they treated her with even a little bit of respect.

house might even be

all as she continued to make her own breakfast as though nothing has

he even working on the weekends?... Hais it’s really not easy to be a boss...” She thought quietly

Wen Xin was about to take the first bite of her breakfast, Hong Xin Rui barged into the dining

servants quickly dropped their work and rushed over to her side in a

Rui looked at Lin Wen Xin with disdain before ordering her,

servants immediately retreated to the side and stood in

Xin was simply puzzled by her strange

who are ready to serve her, yet she just had to single

is obviously just making things difficult

Xin decided to ignore her

from Hong Xin

had to at least leave some dignity for herself in this

Xin Rui saw that Lin Wen Xin had paid no attention to her command and

of you will kneel down with your head on the floor until my breakfast is served by

Xin with resentful eyes before they

Rui then crossed her arms and sat on the

her but punishing the servants like this was really too much for

now, judging by Hong Xin Rui’s character, they might even have

will prepare for you.” Lin Wen Xin decided to agree

she felt that it is the employer’s responsibility

them go and even ridiculed her, “Well, it’s not up to you to

she knew that Hong Xin Rui had fallen

of the dining room, not wanting to deal with Hong Xin Rui since she was just being purely

Rui is a difficult person to handle, Lin Wen Xin’s strong

woman, she would not hesitate to step in and help others even if it means putting herself at a

be the

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