Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 33 - A Difficult Request

Meanwhile, Lin Wen Xin was standing at the side, completely stunned by the sudden change in situation.

What is happening now??

Weren’t they in love with each other? Now he is throwing her out of the house?

And wait... Did I hear wrongly? Investigator?...

Did she secretly fell in love with that investigator behind his back?...

Otherwise why would an investigator be involved??...

Since she did not know what had happened, Lin Wen Xin became more confused as she tried to figure out what was going on.

Honestly, if Wang Shen Ze had known what Lin Wen Xin was thinking at this very moment, he probably would have died of anger!

A woman’s brain is truly impressive! She must have been watching too many dramas recently.

Wang Shen Ze turned around and gave Lin Wen Xin a fierce stare before heading towards the kitchen.

However, what caught her eyes were not his unsightly expression, but the red marks at the side of his face.

Hold on, are those... scratch marks?

Lin Wen Xin hurriedly chased after Wang Shen Ze, wanting to take a closer look at his face.

It just so happened that he stopped in front of a cabinet and she was able to conveniently inspect his side profile.

“You... you were the one who brought me back last night?” Lin Wen Xin exclaimed as she stretched out her fingers to gently touch the scratch marks on his face.

Shen Ze brought down a first aid box and took out the necessary items to treat her

at her for not being able to take

on earth would she pick up the broken ceramic pieces with her bare

it, she

how many more broken

she is not even concerned about her injury but worrying

her hand down

finger as he applied the medication

Xin could not help but fell into a daze as she

Wang Shen Ze casually said while keeping the items back into the

head and saw Lin Wen

gave a few loud knocks

up in shock and looked at him with her

mouth but no words could come

obvious that he is still so angry with her but how is it that he was unable to say a word when he

This is so annoying!!

instructed her once again,

for her reply, he unhesitatingly stomped off and went

herself as she followed suit and walked out of


to throw those away? Such a waste!!” Her eyes helplessly followed those

them contained either expensive

hard for a

highest floor where Hong Xin Rui’s room

away things that are still

our own money, it is still a form of respect to the creators by keeping the items or

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