Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 34 - What Did You Want To Say?

Yi Fan really could not bear to reject her and is currently in a very difficult position.

Having worked with Wang Shen Ze for so many years, he knew that the president would never go back on his words.

This is indeed a challenging request that is totally out of his control.

He looked at Lin Wen Xin’s earnest expression and could tell how much she really wanted to keep this room.

But yet at the same time, he really could not afford to make any mistakes and offend the young master.

Lin Wen Xin saw that Yi Fan is really struggling to make a decision. She then decided to take it up in her own hands.

“I will try to speak to President Wang about this today. If he disagrees, then I will have to trouble you to come back again tomorrow?”

It is not like Lin Wen Xin is in any position to make such a request to Wang Shen Ze.

But she really love this room and could give up everything for it!

It is not even an exaggeration to say that this is her dream fashion studio that she had wanted for years!

Such a rare opportunity that had come by, she simply could not just sit there and watch it fly away.

She definitely had to try her best and persuade Wang Shen Ze no matter what!

“Yes Madam”, Yi Fan bowed to her and then ordered everyone else to leave the room.

The first thing Lin Wen Xin had to do now is to find Wang Shen Ze to speak about this matter.

She went down to the kitchen to personally prepare a delicious fruit platter for him.

To put things nicely, she is going there to negotiate with him. But to say it bluntly, she is simply begging him to leave the room alone.

“Knock knock...”

There was no response.

it again and this time, Lin Wen Xin placed her ear close

inside??” She thought to herself

was not invited here,

His bedroom is really

never lie that you have walked into the wrong room because just one step in, you would already sense the strong and cold

he is not in the room... Then where else could

when she heard a “click” sound that came from

Ze only had a white

screamed as she sped out of


would she even be in

she just left with the door wide open?!! Couldn’t she at least

as she reached the staircase which is at the

was so embarrassed to have actually caught

did not see anything that she wasn’t supposed to see.” Lin Wen Xin closed her eyes as she patted

realised that

She cannot leave yet! She still had an

deeply as she dragged her feet

awkward...”, she thought to herself as she knocked on the

“Come in.”

Xin entered the room and this time, he had already changed into a casual

the sofa area. He did not take his eyes off his work for even

filled the entire room and Lin Wen Xin did not know

like he is very occupied right now so maybe... perhaps she should

around and

say?” Wang Shen Ze’s thunderous voice

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