Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 35 - His Source Of Distraction

Lin Wen Xin is extremely grateful that Wang Shen Ze had agreed to this request of hers.

One has to know that he is someone who would never compromise regardless of the situation.

But the fact that he did it for her today, it really came to her as a good surprise.

Lin Wen Xin excitedly brought her design drafts up to the studio and started working on the samples immediately.

The studio is already equipped with an extensive range of fabrics and materials.

It could be seen that Wang Shen Ze was very meticulous in designing this space. He had even prepared the sewing needles in different sizes!

This is great! It really has all that she needed!

Lin Wen Xin spent the rest of the day working on her samples. She was too focused on it that she did not even realised it’s past dinnertime.

Meanwhile, Wang Shen Ze was eating at such a slow speed that the food placed on the dining table had already turned cold.

He kept glancing at the clock on the wall in front of him as he took his small bites of food.

A meal that he would consistently finish in fifteen minutes had took him about two hours to finish tonight.


Wang Shen Ze slammed the chopsticks on the table and stood up abruptly.

servants around him stood at their positions timidly. No one dared to make any noise or movement as they

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having dinner alone?... No?

No? He just had the same dishes last

Was it because of

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as he stood in front of his door. After a long debate with himself, he finally released


it is very difficult for you to put a halt to the flow that

to keep pressing on until you could no longer take it

asleep on the table, with a measuring tape around her neck and

She is really exhausted!

the samples from her hands, in fear of waking

had done in just a couple of hours and thought to himself, “She had really been making full use of this

not have any design background, he could still tell that

side, Yi Fan had suddenly received a call from Wang Shen Ze. His jaws

the studio and leave it alone?! Did he actually heard it

once changed any of his orders before! This is literally a historical moment

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morning, Lin Wen Xin woke up and found herself still

be too tired yesterday...” She rubbed her eyes as

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