Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 36 - Will This Be Okay?

Lin Wen Xin questioned Yi Fan in disbelief.

After receiving a clear confirmation from him, she let out a short scream of excitement!

She wore a joyous look and without a care in the world, she quickly dashed over to Wang Shen Ze’s bedroom, which was just across the room that she was in.

This is incredible!!

How is it actually possible? And why did he suddenly change his decision?

Lin Wen Xin’s state of mind is currently in a huge mess that she did not even realised she had entered his bedroom without knocking.

Thankfully this time Wang Shen Ze was already dressed up properly. But he still turned around in shock, and even more so when he saw Lin Wen Xin running towards him!


Before he could even open his mouth to speak, Lin Wen Xin had already threw him a big hug and did not let go!

She sniffled as she spoke to him, “Thank you... thank you for letting me keep the studio! I really wanted it so badly and I never thought that I will ever have such an opportunity again!”

Lin Wen Xin went on and on, while Wang Shen Ze was completely dumbfounded by her huge reaction.

Isn’t it just a studio? Is it necessary to react like this?

However, he still could not deny that Lin Wen Xin had made him feel good for keeping the studio for her.

arms a little but he still could not get away from her tight embrace. His hands were

on his clean shirt, Wang Shen

like he has to change his

Lin Wen Xin had taken Wang Shen Ze’s car today, otherwise she would

about taking your boss’ car is that - even if you are late, you


passed and Lin Wen Xin had spent her time at the

been consistently updated on Lin Wen Xin’s progress through video

their finalised samples to their client, DT Holdings, in

the meeting is temporarily hosted by

Wu looked through all the samples and coincidentally picked out one of Lin Wen Xin’s designs from

design seems to allow water to seep through. Have you all

were momentarily stunned by his question. And the fact is that they really

designing waterproof sportswear, it has never once occurred to them that they should test

completely reasonable for Director Wu to ask that question because if the sportswear are marketed as waterproof when they are not truly the case, it could

ended, Sister Fei Yi had pointed out the designs that

amendments now, than to heavily regret it in the

this time is really tight, Lin Wen Xin worked very hard in the next

seminar. He would not be coming back to the office so Lin Wen Xin is very much

forecast that it would rain

got home, she changed into the sports attire that she has designed and took some small

less than an hour, the rain started to

behind the glass door that would lead her out to the swimming

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