Mr. Right, Spoil Me

Chapter51 She Has No Power at All

Only Emily understood what he meant.

She chuckled, the wine glasses in her hands were all shaking, "Ernest, it's just a joke. Why so serious? I am happier than anyone else that you have a girlfriend."

Ernest also smiled.

At this moment, Anne squeezed Ernest's hand in secret, "What are you talking about? Why can't I understand?"

"Excuse us." Ernest said to Emily first, and then turned away and gently patted on Anne's head. "It'll be horrible if you know it. So you don't need to know. Just be my woman."

With her big eyes blinking, Anne felt a little depressed.

"Be your woman! Am I not being your woman now? Humph, you just won't tell me anything. And I just agreed to be your girlfriend knowing nothing at all! Ernest, you bastard!"

Anne squatted down, not going anywhere. She was furious that her anger was written all over her face.

Even though she was angry, she still looked so cute.

Ernest looked at her like looking at a big rabbit. He couldn't help but want to pinch her face.

"Okay, you want to know that? Fine! But not tonight. We need to wait until tomorrow, okay?"


Anne jumped up immediately. Her expressions changed so fast like a naive child.

Ernest held her in his arms and smiled.

In the distance, a woman who was drinking alone looked at the scene quietly. The wine in her hand was finished, so she asked for another one.


some people at


off Ansley that day.

story. She didn't expect that she was exposed that day. She wasn't a

talk about the project, there were always people looking at her strangely on the way. Now she knew they were indeed gossiping about


out. At that time, Ansley Fisher was interested in the dress that my friend had already said that she would buy it. It was Ansley's insistence that caused some

explain to them,

you give it to her? She is a star. Do you know how much money she makes in a

only felt that her moral values were going to be destroyed. What were these children who were still

more money, you could do whatever you

If Ansley wins the award for an actress, it might be equal to your savings for a lifetime. Do you know how much she earns for a movie? Two

make it that much." Sarah had to admit

disgusting woman, who asked you to come to Ansley's banquet? Get out! You are

the girls, someone

group of people surrounded a

Fisher also

making a scene here. It turns out

they would probably know who they were. They were popular stars

them and go away. However, Ansley Fisher had already

to pretend that you don't know me?" Ansley Fisher reached out and grabbed Sarah's arm and eyed her from head to toe with scorn. "Look at you! How can you possibly afford such an expensive

such an event with a

sapphire blue dress was creased as Ansley grabbed it. The dress was designed with lace, and the outer layer of gem-mounted lace was being torn by her hands. Fortunately, the quality of this dress was outstanding.

anything happens to my dress, you will

gave such an expensive dress to her. There were only three in the entire world. She had seen a foreign celebrity wear it before, so there were two more. She was wearing one, so maybe the last one would

was worth 999,999, which was an incredibly

make me regret? I don't even bother to

at the students who were standing next to her. One of them saw her eyes and

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