Mr. Right, Spoil Me

Chapter147 She Had the Whole Island

Sarah got nervous and stepped back subconsciously.

She noticed the way he fixed eyes on her body when he entered the room. Everything happened too fast and felt too intense.

The direct change that happened was mixed with too much indescribable shame.

Anyways, she was very uncomfortable with his gaze.

He saw where she was the second he came in.

Her black hair hung down on her chest. Her face was delicate and elegant.

But he just loved the way she acted. It was difficult to not be attracted by her.

The sea breeze blew and messed up her hair. Her dress was also blown up as if it could dance.

Matthew walked over and took a strand of her hair, held it in his hand, said with a hoarse voice, “How do you like it here?”

He took her hair and sniffed it lightly. How addictive this is!

Familiar smell is always refreshing.

Sarah was frozen. She wanted to turn around but she was too embarrassed to move. She can’t stand the awkward vibe.

He saw her ears slowly turned red and held the strand of hair in his palm.

This woman looks like an angel fallen from the sky, like a mermaid transformed into a human being. Was she born to seduce him in this lifetime?

Probably this was the reason why he couldn’t forget her even if he is dead.

He didn’t know why he wanted her so much even though he never owned her. The feelings he had for her became stronger day after day.

Sarah’s pale lips were sealed. She was full of caution towards him.

Her silence turned into small gestures. White slender feet curled up, fingers clasped a certain thing uneasily. He saw every tiny gesture.

He smiled suddenly, caught a glimpse of her collarbone. The graceful arc was really alluring. He couldn’t help touching her neck gently.

“Do you like this place? I remember you said that you like the sea. So, I built this island just for you all by myself. According to what you said exactly.”

as her heartbeat raised

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What would happen?

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