My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 2 Being Mr. Cheal's Benefactor

At the other end of the phone, Yorlien was ecstatic, and there was even a slight quiver in her voice.

"Mr. Cheal?"

Yoona looked at the ring on the table. She suddenly remembered that Mr. Cheal had attended the socialites' gathering and that he was wearing the ring.

The diamond ring passed down from the ancestors of the Cheal Family.

Thinking that Vivian was at the hospital yesterday, Yoona instantly understood that Vivian saved Morris Cheal in the hospital!

It was because Vivian had pretended to her at the hospital that Morris thought that she had saved him.

She had unexpectedly become Morris Cheal's savior!

It was even more surprising than winning a lottery.

"Mommy, I have something to deal with now. Let's talk later."

Yoona hid her ecstasy. While Vivian was not paying attention, Yoona quietly took the ring on the table and walked to Vivian. She said confidently, "If things like this happens again, your adoptive parents will die."

And she left angrily.

Vivian wanted to sleep for a while after she returned at midnight, but she didn't expect to sleep too much.

At that time, she was not in the mood to argue with Yoona. She found a mask to cover her face and immediately rushed to the hospital to find the man.

The reward of 100 million dollars.

That was in exchange for her life.

However, when she went to the hospital, the nurse said that the man had woken up at night and left directly.

He didn't even leave any contact information.

"Liar, bastard!"

Vivian was furious. "That 1,000 dollars is my living expenses for two months!"

As expected, men keep lying.

lost 1,000 dollars, and more than 100 dollars was deducted by the platform because she didn't

free time, but the money she made from

Vivian was heartbroken.

complicated and she was still

she worked harder every day. After work, she worked part-time for takeout

happened in

were sitting in the monitoring room. She complained, "If I hadn't saved that ungrateful bastard, how could I only have two meals a day for a week? I am hungry and

car accident, her adoptive father was still in a coma, and her adoptive mother accompanied her adoptive father in the hospital

Vivian still had to pay for a lot of daily expenses

already run out of her 1,000 dollars for

you even know his

Chad, his colleague,

a coma at that

was talking, suddenly pointed at a person in the surveillance

bastard, I finally find you." She stood up and walked

"Vivian, wait."

Vivian's wrist and pointed at the person in the monitor in disbelief.

him even if he

immediately stood in front of her. "Vivian, calm down. His name is Morris Cheal and he is the heir of the Cheal Family, which is one of the four great families in Houston. He is cold

"Morris Cheal?"

couldn't help

in Houston. All the people who came were businessmen and celebrities, so she was familiar with Morris Cheal's

to repay your kindness, it's just a piece of cake. Since he doesn't want to find you, he doesn't want to give you the money. Vivian, life-saving is more important. It's just 1,000


was momentarily at a loss for words. She felt that

she was still unwilling

out of the monitoring room and asking other colleagues, she learned that Morris was in Box

at midnight that she saw Morris, who was dressed in a black shirt. Morris walked out of the box

stepped forward and followed

of the Shades Club were bars, and the hotel suite was upon.

face was abnormally red. From time to time, his slender fingers pulled the tie around his neck, as if he was a little hot after getting drunk.

floor are you


that was lighted and said, "The 38th

answering, Morris didn't say

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