My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 6 Morris Cheal Wanted to Revenge Her!

Yoona Lee didn't expect Vivian Mond to react so quickly. Before she could make a move, Vivian Mond had already given her two slaps in the face, making her ears ring.

She was angry and angry, but she couldn't fight with Vivian Mond here.

"Who is your sister? Shut up!"

Yoona Lee endured the pain in her cheeks and lowered her voice. "But fortunately, you were smart and didn't stand out to refute. Otherwise, you would have waited to prepare a coffin for your adoptive parents."

Just now, she had thought that Vivian Mond would stand up and start a fight with her. Yoona Lee had even thought of a way to deal with it. Unexpectedly, Vivian Mond was so calm.

On the contrary, it made her look at him with new eyes.


Vivian Mond's red lips curved into a smile. "Save Mr. Cheal. He promised me a reward of 100 million yuan. I'll give you a 50% discount. 50 million yuan is the money for keeping it a secret. Otherwise, when Mr. Cheal finds out the truth, as the younger sister of the same mother, not only will I prepare a coffin for you, but I'm afraid I'll also cut the grave grass for you every year!"

"50... 50 million? Dream on!"

"It's my business if I don't dream about it, but if you don't do what I told you, I will definitely turn your dream off being Mrs. Cheal into a dream of Nanke."

Yoona Lee was so angry that she was speechless.

At the same time, in the inner room.

Madame Cheal explained what had happened last night to Morris Cheal and said, "I saw it. That girl Vivian Mond left a red mark on the bed. She's still a virgin. You have to take responsibility for sleeping with her!"

Morris Cheal had thought that it was Vivian Mond who had drugged him, which was why she had followed him into the elevator.

Although she knew that Madame Cheal had drugged him, she couldn't deny that Vivian Mond had ulterior motives for him.

have a girlfriend. As for Vivian Mond, I can compensate her." Last night, he heard Vivian Mond say that she

he would fulfill her wish.

you think I'm blind? Don't think I can't tell that you're pulling

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whoever gets pregnant first will be married." Madame Cheal had come

Morris Cheal, "..."

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that. Love can be cultivated." As she spoke, Madame

on the surface. Although that girl is too mediocre, it's said that a beauty is a disaster. You saved

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Morris Cheal would force Vivian Mond to take the contraceptive pill, so she had to let Vivian Mond stay here for three days before she could rest

72 hours in an emergency. It would be useless to take medicine after three

cold as he turned around and walked

you're out?"

out, Yoona Lee walked up to him.

his right hand and lifted it slightly, looking down at her ''ugly'' face. " I'm warning


pinching painfully, pushed Morris Cheal away. "You

stay at The Cheal for a minute, but when she saw Yoona Lee's jealous and hateful face, she immediately changed her words.

seems that you can't wait to be my woman!"

a child, I can't get rid of you even if I don't want to marry you. After all..." Vivian Mond paused for a moment and tilted her head to look at her grandmother, who

how angry Yoona Lee was when she heard that.

wait to pounce on Vivian Mond and tear her


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