The man wore a black shirt, rolled up his sleeves to his elbows, and put his hands in the pockets of his trousers. With an innate noble aura, he looked like a god from heaven.

Without any sympathy on his cold and handsome face, he strode in front of Vivian. He stopped and raised his hand. Trent handed over the inspection reports to him.

Morris Cheal threw the inspection reports onto Vivian's face.

A few examination sheets scattered on Vivian's face and fell down on the sheets.

Vivian glared at Morris with dissatisfaction. Then she picked up the examination sheets and read them.The positive state in the examination sheets showed she was pregnant.


Vivian felt an inexplicable sourness, and her eyes turned red.

It took her a lot of effort and time to find the real murderer of her adoptive parents' car accident. As a result, the private detective was seriously injured. The driver who caused the accident was rescued and his whereabouts were unknown.

She was pregnant, but she had to have an abortion .

Perhaps, this was her fate.

Even if fate was unfair, she could only accept.

"What are you laughing at?" Morris Cheal furrowed his brows with full of displeasure.

Vivian sniffed and hid her grievance. She smiled and threw the examination sheets on the table. She looked at the time and said, "Now it's one o'clock in the afternoon. You can arrange the operation for me. This won't affect my work at night."

Morris' eyes narrowed slightly. He thought that Vivian would request to keep the child,but Vivian's respond was beyond his expectations?

Morris didn't hesitate to said, "Trent, inform the doctor and prepare for the operation."

After that, he turned and walked out of the ward.

Morris didn't say another word to her , as if he really hated her.

Soon, a nurse came in and asked Vivian to go to the operating room.

She got up and walked into the operating room dully. There were two gynecology doctors inside.

Seeing the equipment and tools were placed aside, Vivian could almost feel the pain of the tools churning in her body.

her hands on her abdomen, and

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"Lie down!"

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'medicine' that Morris mentioned was

"Yes, Mr. Cheal."

The doctor nodded.



a greedy woman. If she knows that I want to have the baby, she will

it may, in fact, Morris

if she was willing to abort the baby as she had promised before.

the result.

morning sickness during pregnancy. She

during this period of time." Morris paused and said to Trent, "Tell the club to allow her to get off work at 12 o'clock every night."

she deliver food if she is off so

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hanging liquid and asked the nurse beside, "Is the operation done?"

injection of antibiotic medicine for a week and a reexamination

month, let alone smoke and drink.

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