My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 14 Being Caught by Morris on the spot

Vivian couldn't think of a second person other than the Lee family, who would rescue a murderer.

But who would know that he ended up being killed after being saved?

She should have thought of this. The Lee family were like snakes and scorpions. Killing witnesses and destroying evidence were the best choice.

Oh. NO. Not only did she lose the last clue, but she was also discovered by the Lee family because of the investigation of the murderer. If they knew that she had already known the truth, would she be the next to die?

The unexpected news made her heart beat faster and she could not calm down for a long time.

But no matter what would happen, she could only bear the result silently. She could not let her adoptive parents know about it.

After the three-day leave, she returned to work.

In order not to be noticed by the Lee family, she went to the hospital to accompany her adoptive mother every day, trying not to appear in front of the Lee family.

Meanwhile, she followed strictly the doctor's words, "no wine for a month and have a proper rest."

In secret, she spent a lot of money finding a private detective agency to secretly investigate her adoptive parents' car accident.

A month passed quietly.

She took time to do a reexamination in hospital. The results showed that everything was good.

After Vivian left the hospital, Morris received a call from the hospital. "Mr. Cheal, Miss Mond has already done the B-ultrasonic examination. The fetus has been developing very well for more than two months. “

"Didn't she show signs of miscarriage? Will it affect her if she sends takeout every day recently?" Morris asked.

"Miss Mond has been living in the countryside since she was a child, so she is very healthy physically and not as delicate as ordinary pregnant women."

"I see."

He had thought that Vivian's non-stop running around would affect her unborn baby. However, things had gone contrary to his wishes.

Shades Club.

As night fell, there were more and more people in the club. With bright lights and nice wine, those young men and women, who were exhausted at work, indulged themselves wantonly, either swaying their bodies in the dance floor, or drunk on the table.

if the Lee family hadn't deliberately framed her adoptive parents, at this time, she would take the money in her hand back to her hometown to open a bar or a supermarket to live a simple and peaceful

evening, when Vivian was hiding at leisure in the corner, a voice came from the walkie-talkie. "Vivian,

men's restroom? Get out of my way. What kind

the walkie-talkie and said

else in

Shaw again! Okay, okay, I'll be

her waist and went to the

the men's restroom, several security guards immediately greeted her. "Hurry up and have

asked you

must catch the chance. Maybe a wild chicken will turn into


Vivian kicked at John. "Who

at my mouth."

smiled awkwardly, "Vivian is a carp

and do your business. If the manager sees us, he will complain that we are lazy." She waved her hand and asked

walked over, only to see

son of the Shaw family in Houston, looked handsome but good for nothing. He was

to as the target

did Vivian know him? It could

long after she came to work at the Shades Club, she encountered Issac bullying John. Vivian couldn't stand it. She immediately picked up a bottle from the table and smashed the bottom of the bottle. She pointed the sharp bottle at Issac and said very arrogantly, "John

the alcohol on the table and said, "If you can drink up this bottle of vodka,

was very good at drinking. She took a bottle of vodka and chugged it

then, not to mention the security guards, even Issac had been impressed by

to have a drink and

that she was bold and righteous, so


couldn't help throwing up again.

disgusted. She covered her nose with one hand and knocked at Issac on the shoulder with the stun stick in the other hand. "Issac, you're drunk. Get out

voice, Issac wiped his mouth with a tissue. His handsome face was full of smiles. He reached out to her and

you up? I'm afraid t will get my hand dirty."

swung the stun stick with a look of disgust, "Hold

He took

leaned against the wall, looking at him. "Which girl dumped you again?

the mirror. He suddenly smiled and tilted his head to look at Vivian. "Everyone thinks

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