My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 19 Morris Cheal Knew the Truth

"Yes, have a try."

Jenny nodded.

"So, you promised me?"

A sunny smile appeared on Issac’s face. He stood up and took out the necklace from the brocade box. "Come on, I'll help you put it on."

Because he just stood in front of Vivian when he got up. The little girl frowned and said in a low voice, "The performance is almost over. It will be too much if you continue."

Issac raised his eyebrows at her. "We must complete the whole play."

He untied the pendant necklace, approached Vivian, and wrapped his arms around her as he put the necklace on her.

Although they were acting, their intimate actions still made Vivian blush and her heart beat faster.

The nurse at the door cheered excitedly.

"It's so touching."

"Oh my god, if I were not a nurse, maybe I would have time to date."

"Kiss her."

"Yes, kiss."


Standing aside, they joined in the fun and took a video while making a fuss.

Instantly, Vivian was speechless. She really couldn't do anything to those nurses.

What was going on?

Issac tilted his head to look at the nurses at the door. His beautiful lips curved into an arc and then kissed Vivian's cheek.

"Wow, stop showing off."

"I am envying."

"Give me a boyfriend like this."

"Come on, let's work, or the head nurse will scold us again."

The nurses gave Vivian a smile and left.

Vivian's body was a little stiff as

eyes seemed to say: "Issac, f*ck you. Didn't you say that it was just play? You

smiled and ignored

repeatedly reminded Vivian, "Vivian, Issac treats you

see, Mom."

nodded. When she turned to Issac, she said in a voice that only they could hear, "Issac, you

Jenny was pleased this afternoon. She even ate all the lunch that Vivian brought along and no

Vivian and

sent them into the elevator. "Issac, drive slowly on the way."

"Okay, Auntie."

put his arm around Vivian's

carry anything else

you should go

to see

spoke, Jenny turned around

Vivian: "..."

It's all?

been unimportant so quickly.


elevator door

turned hostile. She brushed away Issac's hand and kicked him. "Issac, are you


pain. "If you break my leg, you'll have to raise me for the

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the plot. What can I

"You... idiot."

Issac and was about to take off the necklace when Issac stopped her.


If you think it's expensive, you can order more mutton skewers at night for

"Well, deal."

so she didn't think much

elevator and passed through the lobby of the inpatient department. At this time, a group of doctors and nurses in white coats came over. Morris Cheal and Trent Stone, who were like stars surrounding the moon,

Morris, he was also looking at her. His

hugging Vivian's shoulders closely,

restless for a moment, but in an

other, and no one spoke

looked at Vivian all the way. He was chatting with her and did not

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and saw that

frowned unhappily. "Mr. Cheal, what's

spoke with a bad attitude.

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