My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 20 Vivian Mond Knew Her Doubt

He had promised to give her five minutes, but he didn't keep her word.

It's really... too much.

Seeing that Morris was about to left, Morris grabbed his arm and said, "Morris, I've never complained about you sleeping with me. Can you ask the specialist team to treat my father? I'll pay you a lot for the surgery. I'm rich!"

Yesterday, she had wanted Morris to give her a discount for the processing fees. However, the man had gone too far, so she had to give up.

Just three minutes ago, she was touched by his words that the specialist team was here to treat her father and felt that he was not a bad guy, at least a little human.

Now it seemed that she was too naive.

Morris stopped when he was grabbed by her. He turned around and stared at her. Finally, his gaze landed on her neck and only felt that the necklace was exceptionally glaring.

"You are rich?"

His said with a mocking smile. "Are you going to sleep with Issac? How much for one night?"

In the past two months, he had arranged for someone to secretly supervise Vivian and her mobile phone, so he was sure that she had never slept with Issac.

But the conversation between the nurses in the hospital and the necklace on Vivian's neck showed that she was in love with Issac.


Vivian didn't expect that Morris' thoughts would be so dirty. She snorted in anger and said, "Yes, it's the money that Issac gave me."

With unexplained anger, she raised her head, lifted the delicate and beautiful necklace on her collarbone, and announced to him, "This is the necklace that Issac gave me. I'm in love with him. So, please stay away from me, Mr. Cheal. Otherwise, my boyfriend won't let you go."

She deliberately showed off, and then regretted it.

Although saying that her boyfriend was Issac could stop Morris from touching her in the future.

But if he was angered, the experts of the specialist team would never treat her adoptive father anymore.

A touch of coldness appeared in Morris’ eyes. He lifted her chin and rubbed her skin with his thumb. "I'm warning you, stay away from Issac. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you."

"Ha, Mr. Cheal is used to being a master in Houston. Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have money and power? If you ask me to stay away from him, I won't."

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