My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 21 An Equal Deal with Morris Cheal

Seeing Vivian was stunned with depression, Morris Cheal felt surprised.

Countless women in Houston pursued him crazily. They tried every way to marry him or wanted to have his child.

However, He felt Vivian was painful to have his child.

Morris recalled what Vivian said, "Morris Cheal, not all women love money and want to marry you. Don't think too highly of yourself."

"As long as you quit your job at the club, I will arrange the expert team immediately to treat your father, and all surgery cost is free."

Morris stood in front of Vivian and looked down at her with an arrogant attitude.

Vivian's eyelids drooped slightly, and her depressed face didn't show much emotion, "If I quit work and abort the child, will you treat my father?"

Morris didn't answer her question.

Vivian looked up and stared at him with pain. They looked at each other for a few seconds.

Morris said, "It's impossible."

"So, Don't speak so nobly. You want me to give birth for you and you treat my father's illness. It is just an equal deal, isn't it?"

Those experts could not be invited just with money.

How could Vivian not see the reality clearly?

"You can make other requests."

Morris Cheal said in a deep voice.

"I don't..." Suddenly, an idea came to her mind before she said out the last word. Vivian said, "If you can help me investigate the accident of my parents, I will promise you."

If a child could exchange for his adoptive father's recovery, and the truth of the car accident, it would be valuable.

Vivian was willing to do that.

She felt sorry for the child in her belly, and she knew very well that she could not fight against Morris Cheal. If he really wanted her to give birth, he had countless ways to make her obey.

Rather than stubbornly resisting, she would like to exchange for equal value.


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