"Ah, who is this?"

"How could the delivery guy appear here? The takeout is scattered all over the ground. It smells so bad."

"Today is Mr. Cheal and Miss Lee's engagement. We've already booked the hotel. Why is there someone calling for takeout?"

"Who knows? Does she sneak in?"

"Where's the guard? Throw her away."


The celebrities passing by glanced at her with disdain. They pointed at her and mocked her.

Someone even asked the guards to throw her out.

Two bodyguards came over and saw Vivian, who was wearing a take-out coat and looked incompatible. They grabbed her clothes and said, "Get out of here quickly. The whole place has been booked."

Vivian shook off his hand. "Let go!"

At this moment, Vivian was filled with anger.

If she had no child with Morris, it would be nothing to see Yoona marry him. After all, it had nothing to do with her.

But now, the child in her belly had been more than two months. Four days ago, Morris made a deal with her and asked her to give birth to the child. He would help her perform surgery for her adaptive father and investigate the truth of the car accident.

That was the reason to her for bearing a baby.   

But who knew that things had changed so quickly?

Vivian could almost imagine that after the child was born, she would be driven away, and her child should be called Yoona "Mom".


Ha, how ironic.

"Madam, I'm warning you to go out quickly, or we won't be polite."

pointed at Vivian and warned

up from downstairs stopped to watch. Even if they were from wealthy families or celebrities who often appeared in

to drive me. I will



pulled Vivian behind him and glanced coldly at the guards. "I brought

the banquet. However, his casual

deliver takeout." The guard pointed at Vivian and the lunch box on the

leaned over, and picked it up. He pretended to be unhappy and said to Vivian, "Vivian, what's wrong with you? You

suddenly appear. She was very grateful to him for helping her out.

was the ridicule of the onlookers.


so ugly that make me disgust. Issac Shaw

in Houston. I have

"It's a shame."


at them, sneering, mocking, or despising them. Their eyes fell on them as if they were exposed under the spotlight.

smile. As he had said, he was invulnerable. In the face of humiliation, he would not feel inferior or embarrassed.

me for

the time, they looked

"What's going on?"

low and familiar voice sounded outside the

here comes Mr.

engaged to Miss Lee family without making a sound.

Mr. Cheal and Miss Lee."

indeed the most beautiful woman in Houston. She is so beautiful."

of beautiful people."

Cheal, someone is making trouble in

time no see."


Morris, they made way

around and saw Yoona holding

hair was slightly curled up with air bangs. Although she had put on light makeup, she still could not hide her natural beauty. Her long white dress which was decorated with sequins, shining under

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