My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 28 Issac Discovered Their Relationship


Vivian was not feeling well, but after being shaked, she felt even more dizzy.

Morris locked the door behind him and stared at Vivian with a cold expression. "I've warned you to stay away from Issac. Why, are my words useless?"

Rubbing the chest, Vivian felt a little better. She looked up at the man and smiled. "Haha, Morris, what right do you have for me to listen to you? Are you my parents? Or have we got registered for marriage? You keep saying that I'm not eligible. What about you?"

Vivian, who had always been humble, poked her slender fingers at Morris' chest, her eyes brimming with anger that could not be hidden. "You are rich, you have power and are great. But it doesn't mean that you can really control my life! A few days ago, you slept with me and asked me to give birth to a child for your family. But in the blink of an eye, you were engaged to Yoona. Do you want my child to call Yoona 'Mom'?"

Vivian became even more agitated. Her eyes were red as she angrily pushed Morris away. "Do you treat me like a human?!? That's my child, mine!!!"

Finally, indocile as she was, her eyes were wet and tears welled up in her eyes.

She was so angry that she was trembling with tears in her eyes.

Morris only managed to stabilize himself after being pushed a few steps away by her.

When he looked at Vivian again, she was already in tears.


He was speechless to refute her words.

"Morris, listen carefully. Even if I should die, I will not give birth to this child!" She pointed at Morris, speaking word by word. The words were clear and loud.

This was the first time Morris had seen Vivian so angry.

She did not mention money or conditions.

She just wanted to tell him that her child could not call another woman "Mom" !

"Do you think I'll give you a chance to break your promise?"

just because you hooked up with Issac,

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at each other for a long time before he said, "I've already investigated the case of your parents' car accident. The things are in the office. The moment you move to Cheal's Mansion, I will give you the case file and your father

eyes resistlessly, hiding the despair and sadness.

choked and said, "Is it fair to treat me like

and raised his hand to lift the loose hair on her forehead, as if caressing a pet. He said with a faint smile, "There has never been fairness in the world of adults. If you want it, you have to wait

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pulled her to him. "You now have my child in your belly. Even if you like Issac, you

him at all. It turned out that she liked a playboy like Issac.

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face was filled with tears. "Not only am I forced to give you a child,

not a sentimental person, but she couldn't bear what had happened today.

crying just now, her bad mood was vented. She immediately adjusted her mentality and said lightly, "Mr.Cheal, aren't you afraid that you will force me to death? Then, I will pester you

this punishment is too small.

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you here." The man looked a little embarrassed.

sleeping with me? Tsk, tsk... Mr. Cheal is really a heartless man. I suddenly feel sorry for Yoona."

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disliked her with her plain, even ugly face, but for some reason, every time he saw her resistance and defiance to him, his calm

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so many influential people in Houston downstairs, Mr. Cheal. If you don't worry about losing face, just come. After all, having been bitten by a dog, I am not afraid of being bitten again."

have the ability to fight back against him. All she could do was to

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