A few days ago, when she was watching a TV series, there happened to be a plot about "leonurus". It was said that the female lead had no idea when she was pregnant in the TV series, so she almost had an abortion after taking leonurus.

And this kind of medicine could be bought by pharmacy.

Vivian Mond immediately took out her phone and asked in the takeout group, "Who has a remote control drone?"

A deliveryman named Ethan Bake replied, "I do. What's wrong?"

Vivian Mond immediately added his friend and called him. "Handsome, can you help me buy two boxes of leonurus from the pharmacy? Then I'll give you the address. Can you send it to my window with a remote control drone?"

The other party asked, "Why do you need a remote control drone?"

Vivian Mond was stunned. She thought of an excuse and smiled awkwardly. "Hahaha... I just want to experience the straightforwardness of the drone delivering takeout. I'll transfer 300 yuan to you. Can you send it over as soon as possible?"

The other party said, "Okay, no problem."

After hanging up, Vivian Mond sent the address to the other party.

Half an hour later, the man called and said that they were downstairs. Vivian Mond immediately opened the window.

She was on the 8th floor. Looking out of the window, she saw that the deliveryman downstairs was operating a remote control drone, slowly rising, and then a buzzing drone hovered in front of her window.

Vivian Mond removed the medicine and sent him a voice message. "I've received it. Thank you."

She opened a box of medicine and looked at the four plates of leonurus. Each plate had 12 pills, and they could be consumed at a time.

Looking at the medicine, she knew that it might not work if she took less, but if she took too much, she might die.

For some reason, a wave of fear surged out from his heart.

Vivian Mond held the medicine tightly in her hands. She thought that if she went to the Cheal's Mansion, she would be grounded until the day of delivery.

At this point, she... There was no other choice.

After hesitating for a while, Vivian Mond took out 24 pills and a large cup of warm water. Her hands, which were holding the medicine nervously, were trembling.

In the end, she gritted her teeth and took the 24 pills six times.


The strong smell of medicine made Vivian Mond feel nauseous. Even though she had drunk a lot of water, she still felt disgusted and wanted to vomit.

the nausea and lay on the sofa,

first, she only felt sick for a few minutes, and then she recovered. But half an hour later, she began to have

flow down,

the same time, in

Morris Cheal was engaged to Yoona Lee and took her to the Cheal's Mansion to have dinner with his family, he still sent her back to Villa Dengkil late at

she just endured it and pretended to be calm. She asked,

we get married, we'd better live separately. You are

was not interested in

was more suitable to be the

"But we..."

just looked up and gently patted her head. "It's getting

"Well... all right."

towards her, Yoona Lee was already satisfied. "Morris,

"Good night."

He said.

off the car immediately. Instead, she sat in the car for a few seconds. She was waiting for Morris Cheal to give her a "good night kiss", but the man said, "Is there anything

"It's gone."

her head, and the disappointment in

door and got out of the car. She waved at Morris Cheal before turning around and entering the house.

was monitoring Miss Mond's phone just called and said that Miss Mond had called

drone is sent


long has it been?"

hour ago, you were always with Young Madam. I

Cheal sensed that something was wrong. "Go to Exquisite

"Yes, boss."

the car and headed

sat in the car, feeling

suddenly stepped on the accelerator and sped all the way at lightning speed.

not the Young Madam after all before marrying into The Cheal."

reason, Morris Cheal said.

Stone instantly understood what he meant. "I understand."

only address Miss Li as "Young

Houston. Trent Stone's speed

out of the car and entered into

the eighth floor, there were six bodyguards guarding Vivian Mond's

over, everyone stood straight. "Boss."

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