My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 32 Do You Hatred Me?

"This is called 'don't hate me'?"

Listening to her words, it was as if something had taken root and sprouted in the bottom of his heart, but it was suddenly taken away. Morris Cheal's throat tightened, and an indescribable feeling came to his mind.

Vivian Mond leaned against the head of the bed. Her face had not yet regained its color, and her body was still weak.

She turned back to look at Morris Cheal, her heart water. "You are the richest person in Houston, enjoying life every day. As for me, I'm trying my best to earn money, only to survive. We are on two parallel lines, so we shouldn't have any intersection."

Vivian Mond slowly lowered her head and rubbed her fingers on the quilt helplessly. "When I recover, I'll go to St.Hospital to treat my parents."

After he finished speaking, Morris Cheal's slanted brows furrowed slightly and he remained silent.

She then added, "I'm like, the most insignificant existence in the vast sea of people. I hope Mr.Cheal can give me a way out. Because I not only have to support myself, but also my parents."

"That's all? Didn't you try your best to help you and Issac?"

Since she met Vivian Mond, this was the only time she had spoken to him so seriously.

For a moment, Morris Cheal even believed it.

"Mr.Cheal, as I said, the only connection between me and you is the unborn child. Now that the child is gone, we have nothing to do with each other. Do you understand?"

At the last three words, Vivian Mond raised her voice. She raised her eyes slightly and glared at Morris Cheal. Finally, her pale lips twitched. "Are you trying to force me to death? Since that's the case, why did you save me yesterday, ha..."

In the end, Morris Cheal only stared at her with his deep and cold eyes, wanting to see through her thoughts and through her clear eyes.

But he didn't see anything.

He stopped talking and turned to leave.


At the same time, Issac, who had drunk last night, woke up and rubbed his painful head. "I drank too much again."

Lying in bed for a while, he suddenly remembered that Vivian Mond had called him a few times yesterday, so he called back.

As a result, no one answered.

Issac took a look at the time when Vivian Mond called him. It was already 11 o'clock when he made the latest call.

so late. Is there really

couldn't help but worry. He immediately got up, washed up, and drove straight to

up to the eighth floor. When he reached the door of Vivian Mond's apartment, he saw that the door of the living room was half-closed, and the lock was

Shockingly, he found that there was blood on

heart skipped a

then to the bathroom. There was no

another phone call. When he heard the ringing of the phone in the living room, he came out and saw



never felt this kind of

bag, which was half past eleven last night. There were four plates of medicine in the box, and two plates of pills had

take so many


idea popped into Issac's mind,

someone to investigate which hospital had taken Vivian Mond

knew that

No.2 Hospital. When he entered Vivian Mond's ward, he found that she had fallen asleep on

still alive, his

a long sigh of relief. Only then did

Vivian Mond's sleep. Instead, he asked

that Vivian Mond was pregnant. She had consumed too much leonurus yesterday,

the situation was

sent her here?"

the doctor.

are you asking so much?" The doctor asked unhappily.

"I'm... her boyfriend."

he took out the risk


after reading it for a long time, so he

at the name signed on the letter and couldn't help frowning. "It's him?"

Morris Cheal!

"What happened yesterday?"

Issac didn't know.

went back to the ward and sat on the accompanying chair. Looking at her

time, Vivian Mond woke up. When she opened her eyes, she saw Issac sitting by the

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