My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 42 Saving Madame Cheal

As the center of attention, Vivian Mond and Issac were sitting in the food stall.

"Your parents have returned to your hometown. When are you going to work in my company?"

Issac held a lamb shashlik and asked Vivian Mond while eating.

He was the young master of the Shaws, one of the four big families in Houston. He came to such a simple and crude stall to eat, but his words and deeds still showed his noble temperament, which made him look incompatible with the people sitting in the barbecue skewers.

"What did your company do?"

Vivian Mond looked at Issac. He was wearing a flowery shirt, a pair of flowery pants, and sunglasses. His elbow was propped up against the window, and he was holding the steering wheel with one hand. Although he was wearing casual and fancy clothes, it did not affect his enchanting face at all.

It had to be said that Issac was really handsome. He was the kind of ruffian, and he exuded a kind of "bad man" in his bones.

"I'm asking you."

"I'm a marketing manager."

"Then let's go to the company's project and learn something."

"Can I?"

"I am the boss of the company, and I have the final say."

Issac raised his eyebrows at her and smiled proudly.

What she didn't know was that Vivian Mond's question was, "Can I really learn something in his company?"

The little woman also laughed and clinked her glass with his with tea instead of wine. "Then let's toast to my future boss and rely on you in the future."

They were talking and laughing.

It seemed that Vivian Mond would only feel relaxed and happy when she was with Issac.

After dinner, they went home separately.

Having been busy for a few days,Vivian Mond felt particularly tired. She locked the door, washed up, and fell asleep.

The next day.

When she woke up early in the morning, Vivian Mond put on her sportswear and got up to run.

run in the morning, but since her adoptive father was unconscious, she bore the pressure of supporting her adoptive parents and the expenses of the hospital, so she could only make money every

her hometown safely, the burden on her shoulders had relaxed a lot, and she had returned to her usual morning jogging habit.

in the park along the river, when she was sitting on the side of the road to rest, she suddenly saw

what's going on over there? I'll go and have

that an old

how could

Vivian Mond also stood up

ladies were exercising in the park. When they saw the situation here, they all gathered around.

man in a Taiji suit lying on the ground with

of the onlookers dared to lend a helping hand. Only

the video, and

walked to the fainted old lady and put her phone aside. As she turned over the phone for the old man, she

down at the unconscious old man

Madame Cheal!

"Grandma Cheal?!"

extremely surprised. She had never thought that she would

and she had no time to waste.

about to turn her head to the side, she

Cheal's middle and Hegu acupoints to stimulate them.



her. I'll testify

"Good job, miss."


who were watching


Mond calmly took off the hair band on her head, rolled it up,

to care if

that she was sweating profusely, but she

"It's too scary."

said no? She spat

How did

give orders if you


pressed her acupuncture points for a long time, but Madame Cheal didn't seem to want to wake up at all. On the contrary, the onlookers began to doubt Vivian

continued to press the acupuncture

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