My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 43 adopt her as an adopted granddaughter

Vivian Mond was also concerned about Madame Cheal's situation. She followed behind her to listen to the situation.

As the doctor untied the sterile suit, he said to Morris Cheal, "The patient suddenly has cerebral hemorrhage and has symptoms of white foam and twitching at the mouth. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable."

"Phew... It's good that you're fine."

Vivian Mond murmured and heaved a long sigh of relief.

He had cerebral hemorrhage.

The symptoms were exactly the same as her adoptive father's.

Two years ago, her adoptive father was working hard and had sudden cerebral bleeding, accompanied by the symptoms of white foam and twitching at the mouth. At that time, she was so scared that she was at a loss.

Then he immediately called the emergency phone and explained the situation briefly. The doctor patiently told Vivian Mond how to deal with it on the phone.

She did it one by one to ease the symptoms of her adoptive father's illness.

After that, she gave the method to her adoptive mother. After all, they had to be more careful when they were together.

"Is Grandma awake?" Vivian Mond was concerned.

The doctor nodded. "Yes, she's awake."

While they were talking, the nurse pushed the bed and pushed Madame Cheal out.

Morris Cheal walked forward and asked worriedly, "Grandma, how do you feel?"

Madame Cheal, who was lying on the hospital bed, smiled kindly. "Grandma is fine. I am... Vivian? Why are you here?"

Madame Cheal was talking to Morris Cheal when she saw Vivian Mond standing to the side.

At this time, the doctor said to Madame Cheal, "I told you just now that the girl who saved you was her. You have to thank this girl. If she hadn't saved you, the consequences would have been unimaginable."

With this, the doctor gave Vivian Mond a thumbs-up. "The method of saving people is very good. Have you learned medicine?"

"No, no. It's just that something like this happened to my father two years ago."

Vivian Mond smiled politely at the doctor and explained. Then, she looked at Madame Cheal and said, "Grandma Cheal, since you're awake, I'll go back first."

"Wait a minute. I want to talk to you."

Madame Cheal held Vivian Mond's hand and smiled kindly.


Mond and Morris Cheal

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grabbed her hand. "Vivian ,

How could she die? Don't talk nonsense."

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Why would she appear in the park along the River

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why Madame Cheal had appeared


me to think too much when I stay in the old house alone. So every morning I will go

put on airs as if she was asking for leave. Instead, she was like an ordinary old granny, revealing her true feelings to

Madam of The Cheal, her status was extremely high. It was inevitable for others to step

became lonely.

and went to the park to play Taiji. It

the park for exercise, you should find someone

the park just to have a quiet time. Isn't it different to find someone to accompany me?"

hand. "You saved


the bottom of her heart. She only felt that there was an inexplicable fate

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Cheal glared at Morris Cheal and said to Vivian Mond, "Unfortunately, The Cheal doesn't have a little girl. How about you be my


good terms with Vivian Mond since

Be your nominal granddaughter?"


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two of you weren't fated enough. The incident with the child last time made me feel guilty

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Vivian Mond hesitated.

Madame Cheal, but at this moment,

became Madame Cheal's nominal granddaughter, she would not be in danger in the face of Lee family. Secondly, Morris Cheal had harassed her many

her wrist. Before Vivian Mond could react, she put the bracelet on her wrist. "This bracelet has been with me for the rest

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