My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 44 Brother, Don't Do That

"Grandma Cheal, let's talk about it later. Have a good rest now."

Vivian felt deeply honored by Madame Cheal's affection for her.

"Do you still call me 'Grandma Cheal'? You should call me 'Grannie' now!"

Madame Cheal corrected her.

Her stubborn look made Vivian smile. "Okay, grannie. I'll go out first. You can sleep for a while." She got up and walked out of the ward.

Morris looked worried. "The doctor told me that you should talk less and rest more."  

"Got it. You can go out too."

Madame Cheal glanced at him and waved impatiently.

The man did not say anything else. He turned around and walked out of the ward, closing the door.

In the corridor, Vivian stood at the elevator entrance, waiting for the elevator.

Morris strode over and pulled her back when the door of the elevator opened and she was about to enter it.

"Hey, hey, Morris, what are you doing?"

Vivian struggled against his grip on her wrist.

Morris dragged her to the staircase and pressed her against the wall. There was a hint of coldness on his cold and arrogant face. "You've been scheming to get close to Grandma. What are you trying to do?"

"What are you meaning "scheme"? Morris, are you suffering from delusional hallucinations?"

She was furious.

She took out her phone from pocket, turned on a video, and put it in front of Morris. "Watch carefully. This is a video of me saving her in the park. Before I saved her, I didn't know she was Madame Cheal at all. Or, have you already made me into a god and thought that I could predict everything?"

Morris glanced at the video on his phone but didn't take it serious.

He pinched her chin with his fingers and raised it slightly. "Listen carefully. After you enter the Cheal family, think clearly about what you should do and what shouldn't."

The man's dark, cold eyes stared at Vivian. He leaned forward a little and said, "If I find out that you have any purpose for Grandma, I will let you know what it means... to live a life worse than death!"

"You are mad!"

"In your opinion, everyone has a purpose. Then why didn't you suspect Yoona?"

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