Yoona's affected expression disgusted Vivian.

She smiled and pushed her hand away. "Then you have to ask..." Vivian glanced at Morris. "ask my brother... when will he marry you?"

At this moment, not only did Vivian disgust Yoona but she also disgusted herself for pretending to be Morris brother.

Her words hurt Yoona, which made her pretty face suddenly become ferocious.

Standing aside, Yorlien witnessed everything but didn't show her anger.

With a noble woman's attitude, she said in a calm tone, "We just got engaged. It's not in a hurry to get married."

"Yes, Mommy is right."

Yoona gave herself out by Yorlien's words.

In the face of Vivian's sarcasm, Yoona almost failed.

In order to maintain her image in front of Morris, she had to say, "Mommy and I will go to see Grandma first. Let's talk later."

After that, she winked at Yorlien and they entered the ward.

In the small living room outside the ward, only Morris and Vivian were left.

The man stared at Vivian with his pretty eyes. "What kind of conflict do you have with her?"

His was so certain.

Vivian smiled slightly. She took out a note from her pocket and slapped it to Morris. "Please settle the bill first."

They had agreed to pay 10,000 yuan per day before working.

"Answer my question."

Morris reminded her.

"I have no obligation to answer your questions, and I don't need to satisfy your curiosity."

Her attitude was arrogant and even disdainful.


Just then, Vivian's phone suddenly rang.

phone and looked at it. It was Issac.

was the day to report to Issac.

frowned in embarrassment, and answered

for you in

the other end of the phone


have something to

Report to me immediately. If I can't see you in half an hour, don't blame me for rushing straight to

"Well... I... Beep..."

something, but he had

guy angry?"

promise to go to work in Shaw Company, so she promised Morris that she

away her phone, glanced at the bank card and note on the table, and immediately bent down to take it

enigmatic gaze. "Do you know what kind of animals will come and go by orders?"


was confused by

between you and a

mercy to

hurry to leave just because of Issac's words?

raised her head. Her eyes, which were under her beautiful curly eyelashes, gradually turned from

her pink

Vivian almost couldn't control herself, but in

a dog is that I have a

and left without looking

now, but at this moment, it was more

daughter, who were visiting Madame Cheal in the

and asked, "Morris, where is Vivian?"

"She's gone."

his laptop and was busy

question, he did not even look

was not interested

with you to take care of grandma in the next

her the best candidate for a virtuous

can catch every man's attention

except Morris.

"Yes, yes."

"Yoona is free recently, so let her come to take care of Grandma Cheal and

as grandma agrees, I have

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