My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 48 Saving Vivian Mond in the Fire Field (1)

Was she in danger?

Morris Cheal's brows furrowed slightly. He seemed to be deep in thought as worry surfaced on his handsome face.

It was a strange emotion that he did not notice.

At this time, Yoona Lee came out of the ward. She immediately noticed that there was something wrong with Morris Cheal's face, so she asked, "Morris, what's wrong?"

When Morris Cheal received the news, Lee family had already told Yoona Lee about Vivian Mond.

Yoona Lee, who was immersed in joy, was not happy for a few seconds before she heard Morris Cheal calling someone in the small living room.

Her question seemed to have something to do with Vivian Mond.

She was extremely uneasy. She just came out and wanted to ask about it.

Morris Cheal, who was pacing back and forth in the living room, looked back at Yoona Lee and then hung up the phone.

"It's so late. Why haven't you slept yet?"

The man put away his phone and looked at Yoona Lee indifferently.

Because there was a bed guard in the ward, he arranged for Yoona Lee to sleep with the bed guard, while he stayed on the sofa in the small living room for the night.


Yoona Lee pursed her lips. "I can't sleep."


When the man heard Yoona Lee's words, he absent-mindedly replied with a "hmm" and stared at a certain place in the living room in deep thought.

When Yoona Lee saw the strange expression, she frowned in confusion. "Morris, are you okay?"

Her words brought back the man's thoughts. He looked at her sideways and said, "The company has something to deal with temporarily. I'll come later."

After that, he turned around and left.

"Is there something wrong with the company?"

Cheal's words at all. On the contrary, he was obviously worried about Vivian Mond, but his deliberate lying to her

to lie to anyone, let alone worry about others other than Madame Cheal. But now, he actually left Madame Cheal in the hospital because of Vivian Mond and went to

Yoona Lee stepped forward and grabbed his wrist. "Morris, don't go. I'm

voice was pleasant

She hugged him tightly and buried her head in Morris Cheal's strong chest. "Can you accompany

that I felt sorry

in the blind spot where Morris Cheal could not see, Yoona

bitch. Don't let Morris save you.

Yoona Lee, in this world. I will never

been praised and praised by everyone since she was a child, praising her for being proficient in music, chess, calligraphy, painting, calligraphy, poetry, and songs. She was as beautiful as

because of the appearance of Vivian Mond, she had a great sense

the same as her. If Vivian Mond


not like Yoona Lee's throwing herself at him, and the disgust in the depths of his eyes could not be

but she held him tightly.

and said softly, "Morris, I read strange novels about the hospital two days

were extremely delicate, but her voice was as crisp as a silver

of hatred

didn't know if she hated

Stone accompany her?

find Vivian Mond, he had Trent

Lee's entanglement, her image of being

and pushed her away. "I'll ask

were full of displeasure.

strode away without looking at Yoona

but when she saw Morris Cheal leave, she shouted, "Morris?

she shouted, Morris Cheal still walked into the elevator without looking back.

of her daddy and mommy. But now she was in the hospital, and Madame Cheal was in the ward. She

to endure it.

took the phone to the stairs and informed his parents that Morris Cheal might have gone to find

had left the hospital, was driving while calling Vivian

could only call Issac.

phone rang twice, which was

is Vivian Mond?"

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