My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 51 Saving Vivian in the Fire (4)

At five o'clock in the morning, Vivian was transferred to St.Hospital overnight.

Being sent to St.Hospital, Vivian didn't refuse, because she knew that Yoona was at St.Hospital. If she was also at St.Hospital, Yoona would definitely find her.

At that time, it would be more beneficial for her to collect evidence.

But because of this, Vivian didn't dare to sleep. She was afraid that the Lee family would hurt her again.

From early morning to eight o'clock in the morning, she was sleepy, but she didn't dare to sleep.

Only then Morris appeared in her ward.

"How do you feel?"

Morris returned to his usual cold and arrogant imagine. He looked handsome, and his short hair was neatly combed. There was not a single wrinkle on his suit, making him look noble.

Until he walked in, Vivian saw his hand was wrapped in gauze.

"Are you hurt?"

It was rare for her to talk to him calmly.

For no other reason than that Morris rushed into the sea of fire yesterday to save her.

She would remember his kindness in her heart.

The man looked down at his bandaged hand and didn't take it seriously.

"The two people who kidnapped you yesterday are taken away. I'm asking someone to investigate." Morris said.


Vivian responded, but she didn't show much emotion.


Of course, those two people were taken away by the people she arranged.

"Thank you."

Vivian thanked him sincerely.

Morris sat on the protective chair and looked at Vivian lying on the bed. He found she was so tired that her eyes could not open. His heart actually ached a little.

He thought that she didn't dare to sleep because she was frightened by what happened last night.

dark face, Morris found it especially pleasing to his eye. He even felt that she was not as ugly as


was not ugly.

when Morris was free, he remembered of Vivian lying on the ground in the bathroom.

his heart suddenly stopped. He

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crazy thing he had done so

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Vivian asked curiously.

tells me that you miss, so

He said.

and asked, "Why do you save me yesterday?"

wanted to wait for Morris explanation, but he just said coldly, "The fireman saves

"Not you?"

understand why Morris denied


his cold eyes

indifferent attitude caused Vivian to suspect that it was not Morris to save

the wound

finished, he stood up with a cold face and walked out of the ward.

ward closed the door

looked back at Vivian's ward and confused, "Boss, you

the scene and saw his boss carrying Vivian

his mouth in shock, and an

boss would never take risks for

as he finished speaking, Morris stopped and

look made his back turn cold.

"That's it."

warned Trent not to mention

straight to Madam

stared at the back of his boss. He instantly understood that his boss didn't want to admit his love for

arrogant, and could not accept

ward and Madam Cheal lay on the bed, hanging

wrapped in gauze, she asked, "What's wrong with you? Is your hand hurt?"

scalded it."

Morris replied casually.

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"How many more days do I need to

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