My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 54 Vivian Mond Was Kidnapped (2)

Unfortunately, no one answered.

In the end, she could only send Issac a text message: "Issac, I'm Vivian. If anything happens to me, remember to help my parents get my unexpected insurance and send them away."

After typing the text message, Vivian sent it out.

Then she edited something on his mobile phone and handed it to the man next to him. "Thank you, sir."

"Aha, it's nothing."

The man took the phone and left.

However, as soon as the man left, several men standing in the hospital lobby walked to her.

Vivian immediately shouted, "Help, help... um..."

She lifted her leg and ran away. But before soon she was pulled back by several "doctors" in white coats. They covered her mouth and shouted angrily, "Why did you run away again?"

The "in-charge" who was standing aside waved his hand at several people in the room. "Send her to the mental hospital as soon as possible. Don't let her hurt others, or you won't be able to afford the responsibility."

"Woo woo..."

Vivian struggled with all her might. Ignoring the burn on her feet, she lifted her foot and kicked away the man beside her. Then, she said to the onlookers, "Save me, save me, help me call the police. Please."

"You good-for-nothings, quickly catch her. Hurry up."

Seeing her struggle, the "in-charge" doctor said , "You guys, carry her back."

As a result, Vivian was pressed to the ground by four strong men in white coats. They lifted her four limbs, covered her mouth, and took her away.

Seeing this, the crowd who were standing by began to talk about it.

"This person looks quite normal."

"Could it be a kidnapping?"

"Why haven't I seen her before?"

"Which hospital are you from?"


In the face of the questioning of the onlookers, the "in-charge" took out a hospital certificate and said, "This is a mental patient in our hospital. This is the second time she escapes from the hospital this year. She even stabbed someone during her last escape."

is it so scary?"

away, stay away."

"Isn't it just?"

hospital? You can't even watch


onlookers retreated one after another, for fear that the patient with a

would not doubt the 'truth' of the matter anymore.

hospital parked not far away. Then, the door shut and the car

Yoona stood by the window and looked down at

a beautiful smile appeared on her beautiful fairy-like

Mond, even if you were smart and wise,

in a mental hospital

Forever... !

had just said to

her to leave. It

as she entered the mental

be a

you here? Where's Vivian?"

voice came from behind.

Morris standing at the

called. I'm

she in the ward just now? Then she told me that she wanted to eat the Hill's breakfast, so I asked the bodyguards to

knew that Vivian had

saw his expression. Although she was unhappy, but when she thought that Vivian would disappear in front of Morris

are you very worried


she was unreconciled to

Morris special treatment

noble lady in Houston, she enjoyed the praise of countless

her younger sister!

aroused her jealousy, which finally distorted her psychology.

her very much."

and cleverly avoided Yoona's tricky question.


hide her guilt. And in a second, she adjusted her mood and calmly said

she was passing by Morris, she glanced at him from a close distance and found that Morris was


suddenly beat wildly. She always felt that he could see through her and expose the plot hidden in

I'll go

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