As long as she had any idea to escape, those people would find out.

The first time she wanted to escape, she was slapped on her face. Then two bullets hit the ground in front of her and they warned her in Chinese, "If you try to escape again, we will shoot at your heart."

These people were good at shooting. Vivian had failed to escape again and again, so she could only obediently follow them, looking for a better opportunity.

After all, no matter how fast she ran, she was not faster than bullets.

She didn't want to die!

"Those people... were mercenaries."

Yara sat on the ground and realized that Vivian wasn't ignorant. If she didn't say anything, she might be locked up like this all the time.

She had no choice but to say, "Because I offended their boss, so they are trying their best to seize me."

As Yara spoke, Vivian stood by her side and carefully observed Yara's expression. Her intuition told her that Yara was lying.

However, Vivian knew that Yara didn't want to tell her the truth, so she didn't ask.

"The cruise has already sailed on the sea, and this room is very closed. It's impossible for us to escape." The door of the room could only be opened from outside. There was neither a door handle inside nor a lock.

Vivian looked at the small window. However, the window was only the size of two heads and they could not come out from it.

"This cruise ship leads to Canada, which is their territory. If we don't escape now, we won't be able to escape when we reach Canada."

Yara sat in a corner, leaning against the wall and looking at Vivian indifferently.

Yara's facial features were delicate. Her plain face without makeup was very beautiful, even a little cold and indifferent.

She was kidnapped, but there was no sense of panic on her face.


Were they really kidnapped?

Vivian felt that Yara was trying to fool her.

the kidnapper. She still had some useful information, so Vivian couldn't break up with her for the time being.

this ship stop along the way?"

straight to

Have you ever been on

heard them just now." Yara

touch her head and muttered, "The plane's speed is 40 times faster than the speed of the roller

kidnapped. She had a special listening device on her wrist, so John must

had come to look for her.

were two

life was in danger; Or, he chose... to betray

only had one choice

next few days, Vivian and Yara showed a "good" attitude, which made the mercenaries more and more relaxed towards

and allowed them to move freely in a suit with a room and a bathroom. They also gave them a

time every day without

at the woman opposite her. "They

leaning against the wall. Every

was sitting on the opposite bed. Yara was eating sunflower seeds and spitting out shells on the ground. "Why should we run away?

wanted to

they were surrounded by vast oceans. If they jumped into the sea, they would

a lifeboat from the cruise, they would attract the attention

floated in the sea, she would become a "live

it was better to find a suitable

noticed that the light in the

port and headed south. They headed straight for

they lived were on the west of the ship. Every afternoon, they would see the sunset, but that day... Vivian couldn't even see the sunset through the small window.

going to rain? Why can't we see the sunset

opposite her,

felt that something was wrong. She moved the table to the wall and stood on it. She stretched her head out of the window and

"What's wrong?"

and pulled Vivian down. She also got on the table

you say that the cruise will go straight to Canada and it

the middle of the bedroom and stared coldly at Yara as she questioned her.

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