My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 61 Morris' Appearance

But in the car, she suffered a punch, which was really painful. It hurt so much that she really didn't recover for a long time.

St. Hospital was located in the suburbs, so there were not many cars around. She happened to meet Yara, so she had no choice but to get in her car to avoid being caught up by those people.

What she was afraid of was that the people sent by the Lee Family would bring guns.

After all, no matter how fast she could run, she might be lucky enough to escape one or two bullets. But with so many bullets, how could she guarantee that she could avoid every bullet?

Not only this time, but also on the night of the fire, she deliberately let the fire burn her arms and feet, as well as her favorite long hair, and hid in the bathroom.

The outer wall of the bathroom was the underwater pipe. She could have escaped, but she deliberately waited for people to save her to make things more serious.

Only when things became more and more serious, would there be a chance to get the Lee Family in trouble.

She had never expected Yara to be such a dangerous person

What a mistake!

Walking out of the room, she took a look. They might be in the warehouse at the bottom of the ship.

They quickly ran to the end of the ship. After taking a look at the structure of the stairs, she went upstairs with Yara.

After finding the waiter's dressing room, she dragged Yara inside. They dressed up as maids.

Vivian went to the bathroom and found shampoo and soap. She could only wash her face over and over again before she wiped off the layer of black on her face and revealed her fair skin.

After a while, she came out of the bathroom and called Yara, "Let's go."

"Ah! You... you... who are you?"

Yara was shocked. She poked her head and glanced at the bathroom. "Where's Vivian?"

"No more nonsense! I'm Vivian. Let's go." She didn't bother to explain.

"Vivian!? That hideous woman!? No frigging way! She's not nearly as beautiful as you are."

did a makeover



you are gorgeous. But why did make up like that?

and kept staring

her limpid eyes. "Why do you have so


have kept your makeup for ten days, and your skin is still

bear it,

snapped and Yara was so scared that she didn't dare to

grabbed Yara by the collar and led her

no surveillance camera on that floor, they walked out easily and

suddenly revealed her real face. Even when she met those mercenaries, she still bravely stood in front of them.

ship arrived at the port and stopped.

Vivian also made a simple makeup for Yara and they followed the crowd off the boat smoothly.

same time, Morris and Trent stood by the dock of the ship, which was heading from Australia to Canada. They found carefully among the crowd walking off the ship and didn't want to miss any details.

a total of one or two thousand passengers and countless rooms on the Selvi

Trent said worriedly.

the side with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Get it."

and leather shoes standing next to him, "Keep your

spread out, carefully looking at every tourist who got off Selvi

got off the boat. Yara was very nervous. Vivian held her hand and comforted her, "Don't be

smoothly, they met

how calm Vivian was, Yara was absolutely terrified and ran in fright.

she ran, she attracted the attention of the mercenaries who were investigating

"Stupid girl!"

but in the end, she couldn't bear to let her be seized and ran after

staring at Yara, she

Miss Lee?

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