My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 62 Becoming Morris' Sister

Vivian knew that no matter how bold these people were, they wouldn't dare to shoot on the dock.

As a result, she fought with the two men.

In just a few minutes, she beat them down. Then she quickly chased after the other two men and kicked away the man on Yara's right. As a result, the other man put his arms around Yara's waist and leaned his clothes against her waist. He said to Vivian, "If you dare to go forward again, I'll kill her."

Beneath his clothes was a fatal pistol!

"Okay, just do it."

Vivian shrugged her shoulders in an indifferent manner.

She knew that Yara must be very important to them, or they would not have spent so much effort to take Yara from Australia to Canada.

If they had wanted to kill her, they would have done it a long time ago. They wouldn't have waited until then.

"Ah, then I'll kill you first!"

As he spoke, the man pointed the gun at Vivian's face. However, because the gun was covered with clothes, no one noticed the situation there.

"Really? Then let's see if your bullets are faster me..."

As Vivian spoke, she raised her hand to get the pistol on her back. At that time, she heard footsteps behind her, so she kicked the person behind her directly.

However, the man easily dodged the kick.

Vivian had already pulled out her gun. Before she could aim her gun at the man, she found that the man standing in front of her was... "Morris?! You, why are you here?"

She looked at Trent, who was standing next to Morris, and couldn't help but be stunned.

At that time, more than a dozen people in suits and leather shoes directly surrounded the mercenaries.

"Vivian, don't worry about me. Just leave. They won't hurt me."

was being held hostage, felt Vivian's 'righteous' and did not want to get her in

his left hand and crooked his finger. A

and remembered that she

face was exactly the same as Yoona's.

a step forward and lifted her chin. He looked down at her with

a complicated look in his eyes. "Is there anything more I

same as Yoona passed


sister, could he connect all the things together.

front of Vivian, he was still a little surprised when he saw her delicate and beautiful

beauty hidden under her dark face, which was full of spots.

After all, she had initially changed her appearance because she

"It has nothing to do with

spoke, she took out another gun hidden behind her back and skillfully unloaded the bullets. She stuffed the two pistols into the hands of the two mercenaries who were beaten down

free from the men and ran towards Vivian. She hugged

Vivian tightly in her arms when she finally saw

wearing a well-cut suit. His clothes were flat, without any wrinkles. His facial features were chiselled.

could tell at a glance that he

go of Vivian and sighed with emotion, "Your boyfriend really loves you so much.


She felt his cold

misunderstood. He

spoke, she walked to Morris' side and raised her arm.

self-aware and would never think that Morris would like her. On the contrary, it was because of Madame Cheal's pressure that he had

Madame Cheal regarded her as her nominal granddaughter. He was afraid that if she died, Madame Cheal

caused Morris change his face. He glanced coldly

face was completely different from that of "Vivian", but Morris didn't feel uncomfortable.

had been thinking about the relationship between Vivian and

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