My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris)

Chapter 65 Vivian Fighting with Morris

He picked up the wine and drank it up without any questions. .

However, before Morris put down his cup, Vivian had already picked up the second glass of wine and drank.

Red wine spilled out from the corner of her mouth, winding down from her chin to her delicate collarbone, which made her more sexy.

Vivian put down the glass, raised the red wine bottle, and poured herself another glass of red wine.

She looked at Morris with red eyes, holding a red wine bottle in one hand, and a goblet in the other. She smiled, "Come, let me toast you again. Congratulations you... um..."

Halfway through her sentence, Vivian paused, as if she was thinking about how to talk to Morris.

Then she said, "Oh, congratulations for your engagement with Yoona Lee. I wish you a good marriage and have a son as soon as possible."

What a perfect match of rotten persons!

Morris' eyebrows twitched. He knew very well that Vivian was mocking him, but he just smiled and didn't say anything.

Vivian raised her cup and going to continue drinking when Morris reached out and snatched it away. "The red wine that I've treasured for twenty years is already such a waste by you."


As soon as Morris snatched the goblet away, Vivian slammed the table angrily. She was slightly drunk as she glared at him. "Morris, are you a miser? You're not stingy at all! Am I just drinking two bottles of red wine? Do you looks like someone who lacks this! Hmph!"

The more he didn't let her drink, the more she wanted to finish all his wine.

After cursing, Vivian simply drank from the bottle.

This time, Morris did not stop her.

He watched her drinking half a bottle of red wine and then opening another one. She was about to "finish it" again.


snatched the wine from her hand. "It's been

point of putting on an act? You're the one who forced the child to death, aren't you? You think that you're a big shot

identity did Morris understand why she had taken

at this moment, in the face of Vivian's

out to grab the

touch the bottle in Morris' hand, the

stood up to grab the red wine angrily. However, Morris loosened his grip and the wine bottle fell to the ground with a

wine splashed in all directions,

She was so angry that she reached out her hand to push

the man grabbed her

and pushed him again with her left hand. Morris grabbed it and pulled her

making her turn around perfectly

"F*ck you!"

Vivian was on the verge of

underestimated her strength and released

"If I hadn't met me, how could so many things have happened? It's

her kick was very fast, Morris was not a pushover.

turned sideways and landed

with him. She stepped on the sofa and kicked him in the face.

move. He then grabbed her

herself forward, perfectly leaped into the air and spun around.

amazement in his eyes and a smile on his

him and swung her left hook

the opportunity to hug his waist. Her right foot moved from the left to his legs, and she used all the strength to

to the ground, and she pressed against him.

react, the man turned over and pressed her under his

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