After that, she shot a sharp glance at Morris.

The man sitting on the sofa frowned and stared at her.


He didn't understand why this damned woman would say such nonsense, but he knew that she had a deep misunderstanding about him.

Morris got up and sat in the sofa. With his cigarette between his fingers, he flicked the cigarette ash to the ashtray. He was too lazy to stop Vivian from using the alcohol to drown her sorrows.

Thus, Vivian brought a few bottles of red wine to the table and started drinking alone.

She held a goblet and drank one after another.

As drinking, she scolded Morris. "You scumbag. If it weren't for you, how could I have ended up like this? I hate you."

After that, she poured another glass of wine. Pointing at Morris and burped. "I'm going to drink all your wine and make you bankrupt."

"You jerk, you are the same as Yoona. You are despicable and shameless. You are all capitalists who are unscrupulous in your efforts."

"I hate you, I hate you..."

Vivian drank a lot more. Her face was flushed and she was still drunk.

With darkened face, Morris pressed the cigarette butt into the ashtray and put it out. He got up and took her bottle away. "I'll take you to rest."

Although Vivian did not tell him what had happened, Morris knew that she was in a bad mood.

He let her vent all kinds of emotions.

However, drinking so much wine so early in the morning was harmful to her health.

"I won't... Burp... No."

The man held her in his arms and walked toward the bedroom.

Vivian leaned against his chest and struggled uneasily. She bounced her legs and kept patting his chest with her hands. "You bastard, put me down. Morris, if you touch me again, believe it or not, I'll... castrate you."

When the man heard the word "castrate", his face darkened and glared at the woman in his arms. Even his pores were full of anger.

in the end, he still stepped into the bedroom and did not argue with a crazy woman.

from the Lee family. I hate you... I

raised her hand, pretending holding a cup in her hand. "Come on, have

and said to herself, "I hope you to be impotence for the rest of your life but have a lot of

turned over, held the thin quilt and fell asleep.

waist and the other on his neck, he pulled his collar irritably and glared at the sleeping

Damn it!

he bear to be scolded by a woman like this?

a moment, he really wanted to pounce on her and severely punish

a sobbing stopped him.

woman on the bed. When he listened carefully,

in a low voice.

moment, her cry seemed to have magic power, hitting the softest part of his heart, even making him feel suffocated

feeling was terrible.

of her. Seeing that she was crying with her eyes closed, he took out a few tissues and leaned against her, helping

"What's wrong?"

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asked, he patted her back to comfort

tears on him. "Woo... Mom, the Lee family is too bullying. That bastard Morris also bullied


drunk and could not tell who

coaxed her. "Stop

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indifferent and would not treat any woman gently. However, he had

good, I'll... I'll be bullied... I'll

her head in Morris' embrace and

fell asleep as crying and hugging

quieted down. Morris slowly let out a

her rubbing her snot and tears on

and slept

and then looking at her stunning

index finger gently touched her red

unaware of it. However, Morris himself "burnt himself" and stirred up the fire

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