My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 1 You Bastard!

"Josef, see it yourself. I would never wrong Myra." Yvonne Ye quickly opened the surveillance video in his study.

Even Josef Jiang's two close friends stared at the screen in curiosity, wondering if what she had said was true.

Staring at their faces, Myra Ming had no idea what happened. 'What's happening?

Why are they staring at me like that? Like I've done something so shameful! What the hell was Yvonne talking about?' Myra Ming thought sadly.

"Josef!" she called out her husband lowly.

"Shut up!" he snapped, not even bothering to look at her. Myra Ming bowed her head grievously.

"Josef, what's wrong with you? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? Why do you have to yell at me?" she snapped, having enough of his indifference.

Just now, she had been shopping happily with her friend outside. The next thing she knew, Josef Jiang called and urged her to come home immediately. When she was back, she was met with curious and cautious looks from his group of friends.

'What the hell happened? When I married him, he had never said anything harsh to me. Never! What's going on? Why did he have to yell at me in front of these people?' Thinking of this, Myra Ming's eyes welled up with unshed tears.

Although she was usually obedient and submissive when it came to her husband, she couldn't take this mistreatment anymore.

"Bastard! Why the hell are you yelling at me? Why are you treating me like this? What did I do? What the hell did I do to deserve this?" she demanded.

Josef Jiang's two friends gazed at her in surprise.

She had always been gentle whenever they came to visit. In fact, from the time they had known her, she never did anything unreasonable. Josef Jiang's handsome face darkened at the sound of her yelling at him. Yvonne Ye stared at Myra Ming with a smug smile, as if everything was falling into her plan.

'What? Are they all dumb?' Myra Ming thought.

However, she didn't have the guts to say it right to their faces. After all, they were visitors. Moreover, the look on Josef Jiang's face had darkened further. Seeing this, she quickly closed her mouth. It seemed that she needed to stand this a little while longer.

'Fine, since you all like to waste my time, then be it. Let's wait and see,' she thought bitterly.

the fridge and found a good seat. However, when she

she walked in, she automatically regretted ever coming back

was buried deep in her thoughts, Josef Jiang

so agitated a while ago?


as if he was waiting for her reaction. She had never seen him like


you what?" She

his two friends were looking at her now also looked as if they were gazing

reduced, and she was overwhelmed with

couldn't be! She wasn't going to allow herself to be belittled like that! Definitely not! There was always a mistress involved in those types of

get a mistress himself. In fact, even if

married? The movies I watched all have a good ending, right?

happen either way. The most important thing she had now was

that he loved her enough to

have nothing to say? Why don't we watch this video then?" Josef turned

expression marring his face, Myra could feel her heart being twisted right in front of her. She had always heard how ruthless the man in front of her could be, but she

trained her eyes onto the surveillance video. It was shot at

the dark room. Myra entered the room with a phone in her hand. Without missing a beat, she walked behind Josef's

last, her hand grazed over the locked drawer. She quickly unlocked the drawer and took its contents. After cleaning up the study, she left the room with the documents in her hand. The screen blacked

explanation?" Josef asked

the video. 'Didn't you call Yvonne to ask me to bring those documents to you?' she thought, but as she pieced in his cold gaze and Yvonne's smug look,

if he had been the one who asked

when he returned. Plus, in the past two days, he seldom went home. In fact, he even buried himself under office work, so she never

don't know what happened,"

in front of his friends. "It seems that my wife is incredible at acting. Honey,

not having it anymore. Myra furrowed her eyebrows as his ruthless words pierced

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