My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 2 Sad

Josef stared at her. His beautiful and regal face held an expression of ruthlessness. Being the subject of his gaze, Myra felt like he was an assassin thinking of ways to kill her.

"If I say that I didn't do it, will you believe me? Do you even know me at all? Yes, I came to your study to get your documents, I didn't sell that plan to your competitors!"

"Why would I believe you when everything's right there?" He pointed at the screen behind them, looming over her dangerously. "My own wife sold the plan that I've worked for day and night to my own competitors. Do you even know how serious the consequences will be? I won't just lose money! All of my subsidiary companies would be implicated in this.

We could all be in deep trouble because of you! And you have the audacity to say you didn't do it? I've trusted you so much, and you threw that into the dirt. What have I ever done to you? Have I wronged you in some way? Are you short on money? If yes, then the least you can do is tell me! Is your pocket money not enough?" he snapped, frustrated at her.

"Look, I don't know what happened back there for you to think so lowly of me, but I didn't sell your documents! There was a reason why I took those documents, okay? Yvonne-" The moment she mentioned the woman's name, he raised his hand to stop her.

"Shut it! You're already caught in the act, and you chose to drag her into this mess? It seems that I underestimated you," Josef snarled.

"I'm your wife! You want to side with your precious Yvonne over your own wife? You bastard!" Myra spat.

"Get out!" he roared. He didn't even bother to look at her as he whirled over to the window pane. The glass reflected his stricken face.

Myra felt desperate. 'What's the use of staying here? Even in Josef's heart, it seems that I'm not as important as his friends.'

Although they lived under the same room, it felt as if they had gotten even more distant from one another.

Josef frowned. 'What happened to the young and innocent woman I have married? How could she do this?' In the beginning, he didn't believe that she would be capable of doing this. But Yvonne was also not the type of woman who would speak ill of others so casually. However, when the surveillance video was presented to him, it was hard for him not to believe it. 'Myra isn't the woman she used to be.

Has she always been like this?' The more Josef thought about it, the more distraught he came. He just couldn't believe that she would be capable of lying to him.

Back then, he married her because she was innocent and lovely. In a sea of promiscuous and shameless women, he couldn't help but fall for her. Now that he saw her for her true colors, could she even guarantee that she would never do it again?

People had always said that family was the hardest to guard against. Josef shook his head.

Myra returned to her bedroom.

Although she didn't have to see or hear the man's ruthless words, she still couldn't help but feel depressed after what had happened. 'What were you expecting? That's just reality,' she scolded herself. Marriage didn't bring rainbows and butterflies. Instead, it brought her a box of problems that she couldn't find it in herself to deal with.

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seemed that Josef had already chosen his stand. 'If he really loved me, he wouldn't humiliate me like

I were Josef, I would love my wife unconditionally no matter what the cost. If he couldn't

smoking one cigarette after another. Back when he married Myra, none of his friends thought highly of it. In fact, they were incredibly disapproving. His parents said nothing of it, so

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jaw. 'Do you know what you've done to me, Myra? Have you really loved me at all? Or

She felt restless.

been so envious of her. In fact, they didn't even think she deserved it.

gap between them. Myra was average, looking at best. In fact, she would never match up to the other women swooning over her husband. Her family wasn't even rich. In fact, she was just any other girl on the

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even look at her. She clenched her fists. Knock! Knock! Knock! "Good morning, Mr. Josef and Mrs. Myra! It's

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she could see Josef standing right in front of her. He looked as if he wanted to come in. The

eyes. Did he even sleep? Upon looking at his cold

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