My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 3 About Yvonne

Josef closed his eyes and frowned.

He had seen the expectant look on Myra's face just before he left. He also recalled the promise that he had given to her about eating with her every single day.

However, at this point, he couldn't bring himself to face her.

What's more, he was already late of work. Normally, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but after all the trouble Myra had caused, he had to deal with the consequences of her actions.

He wanted to talk to her tonight. No matter what happened, he still wanted her to admit her wrongdoings.

As long as she admitted what she had done, he would forgive her. Maybe he had just been so busy and she felt neglected. Maybe that was why she had done such a thing.

Now, Josef must think on how to manage the shareholders. Last night, he had asked Yvonne and several of his friends to keep it a secret. They were the only ones who knew what happened last night. He would take the responsibility himself.

If Myra knew what he had done for her, their story would continue in another way.

When Josef arrived at the company, he immediately discussed it with Yvonne about the leaked plan. She was smart.

If she could help him, then it wouldn't be difficult to figure it out. Yvonne didn't know what happened after she left yesterday, but it seemed that Josef was willing to bear the responsibility for Myra's mistake.

She had underestimated the woman's place in his heart. Thinking of this, Yvonne couldn't help but resent her even more.

'How could you earn Josef's love?

Only I'm the right person for him.

This time, I won't miss this opportunity to bite back!'

Although Yvonne was vicious and hateful towards Myra, she acted decently whenever Josef was around. In fact, when it came to acting, she was probably one of the best in town.

"Myra's lucky to have a husband like you. Of course, she's a lovely girl, and she deserves your kindness. To be honest, I really admire your decision. I'm sure that she won't do such a thing again.

Besides, it's normal to make mistakes. We're only human. The most important thing now is that she understands that she's wrong. I'm happy for her." Yvonne forced a smile into her lips.

Hearing her approval, Josef felt a little relieved. Yvonne had always understood his decisions, no matter how harsh they were. If only Myra was as good as her...

He quickly shook his head. 'It's useless to think about this. Myra's my wife,' he thought.

Yvonne, however, was already grasping at her straws. She had no idea why Josef was still so deeply in love with Myra. However, she knew that she shouldn't rush it.

she just needed to know how to deal with

one who would ever treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Besides, Myra's nothing.

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long as you help me out this time around, you can ask for whatever you want," he assured her. At these trying times, he really didn't know what he would do without

She burst into laughter, punching him on the shoulder playfully. "Look, I won't ask for anything important, but how about

We haven't had dinner in years.

"It's settled then.

the agreement he had with Yvonne when they were still in college. He had broken his

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time. He remembered racking his brain the entire night,

With such an amazing woman as his confidant and

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it was hard to thank her for what she had done for

Yvonne wasn't the type of woman

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he asked her about it, she said that he wouldn't understand. And maybe

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capabilities, so she didn't

was she able to showcase what she could do. In these instances, Yvonne

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could make it up this time around, then he'd feel better. It didn't matter if she didn't remember anything about it. As promised, he booked

had promised to take her

Yvonne arrived,

best thing

remembered this place. It turned out Josef hadn't forgotten their agreement

happy she was, he thought that he made the right decision to

owed to her in the past, but now, he also needed to express his gratitude. It was like killing two birds with one stone. In Josef's heart, he saw

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Josef hadn't broken his promise to her ten years

the restaurant before them. Although everything seemed to stay the same,

smile onto her lips and concealed the bitterness

at all the dishes plated on the table, her face brightened

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