My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 4 Justin Is Back

When Myra took out her phone and looked at it expectantly, she couldn't help but feel disappointed again.

It was a strange number. She hesitated for a while and answered it. "Hello!" She answered weakly.

"Hi! Myra! Are you all right? I'm Justin! "

"Justin, Justin! It's you! The memory Myra had of Justin was still the handsome and cute primary school student in college.

When Myra was a junior, Justin went abroad. At that time, she was too busy to see him off.

Then they lost contact. She didn't expect to receive a call from Justin many years later.

"Hey, what are you thinking about? Why don't you say anything? " Justin asked casually.

"Nothing. How's everything going recently? How do you know my number? " Myra was in a better mood, she asked casually.

"Ha ha! Okay, you will know when you see me, won't you? Where are you? I wonder if I am lucky enough to invite you to have a meal. " Justin answered in a joking way.

"Of course! Why don't I go to have dinner with a handsome man? " Myra agreed with a smile.

"Myra! You have promised me. Don't go back on your words. Since I have to invite you sooner or later, why don't we have dinner today? Is there anything inconvenient? " Justin said happily.

"Tonight? It's almost dinner time now. Are you kidding me? I don't think it's inconvenient for me to do that. But you are obviously fooling me. I haven't seen you for so many years. You've become more capable! " Myra said incredulously.

"Hey! Myra, when did I fool you? Send me your address and I'll pick you up later. " Justin said seriously.

"Ah! Are you serious? " Myra said in surprise.

"Woman, please don't ah ah. Send me your address. You'll know whether I'm telling the truth later. " Justin was so angry that he almost fainted.

After sending the address of her own home to Justin, Myra thought that he would not fool her like that even though they hadn't seen each other for so many years!

'It was just a small mistake. Wasn't that I didn't send him to the airport?

Since then, he hadn't contacted me for so many years. This man was sometimes very stingy. But now that he had grown up, I didn't think he would mind anymore! Otherwise, he wouldn't have called me today.'

Myra thought that she'd better go back to her room and change her clothes! 'If what he said was true, then how stingy I would be.

Anyway, no one could see me changing clothes at home even if I was fooled and embarrassed.' Thinking of this, she went to the bedroom with her phone in a good mood. Mrs. Liu looked at her back strangely.

She really didn't understand Myra's mood. Myra was sad just now, but now it seems that she was fine again.

at the clothes in the room, Myra didn't know

satisfied. She hadn't seen Justin for so many years. She couldn't dress like a student to see him! Then he would laugh at her to

after changing another one. Look at herself in the mirror. She was very mature. She was not so old! Myra changed

few days ago, Josef ask his friend to bring her

clothes and

It was simple and high-end. Putting on one pair of high-heeled shoes, she walked around in front of the mirror. She was quite satisfied with her

Josef had such a good taste. Even the clothes his friend picked were so beautiful. She thought that Josef was also much

Josef had known that Myra was dating another man in the clothes that he had begged his friends for a long time,

that there were something missing. Oh, yes, she was

that a car

Justin say, "I'm here. I'm downstairs. Do

the window and saw a man talking on the phone

me this time?" Justin said as he waved

I'll go out now."

she quickly

at the living room, Mrs. Liu said, "Miss Myra, dinner is

have dinner. I'll go out for a while."

was really

changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood, but in

you have a good look later, okay? Anyway, I won't charge you for it. You haven't changed for so many years! " Justin continued with

wanted to kill herself. She really had

like a gentleman and fastened the seat belt for her.

flushed with embarrassment and didn't know what to say. The handsome

and didn't know what to talk about. Fortunately, Justin had a lot of topics to talk about, and she gradually forgot the embarrassment

You haven't changed after so

me? " Looking at the mischievous smile on

Justin answered with a

these things since you went abroad?" Myra

are still as serious as before. Ha-ha! I won't be kidding! Where are we going for dinner? " Justin asked happily.

invite me to dinner? It's up to you! " Myra said

it's useless to ask. I just came back from abroad. I don't know which restaurant is delicious." Justin frowned and said. He was almost defeated by

ahead! The decoration outside is luxurious. " Said Myra, pointing at a luxury restaurant in front of Justin's car.


glib talker. You didn't learn something good abroad." Myra said with some prejudice.

Don't always wrong me, okay? I'm still single. Don't curse me

girlfriend! You can't reverse the fact! " Myra said this

Didn't you? Didn't you just say that I was glib? Then who would like a glib man?

women like the way men

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