My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 5 Myra Was Drunk

Myra had a good dinner with Justin.

"I haven't eaten so happily for a long time. Thank you, Justin." Myra said happily.

"Woman, it is just a dinner. Should you be so happy? " Justin snickered.

"You! I shouldn't have thanked you. " Myra said unhappily.

"Again? A woman's mood will change from good to bad. I'm afraid. " Justin said with a bitter smile.

"No. Why don't you appreciate my kindness? " Said Myra.

"I'm so wronged! All right! Do you want me to say you are welcome? " Justin said with an aggrieved smile.

"Whatever you say." Myra said vaguely.

"What's wrong? My beauty is not happy. I didn't mess with her, did I? " Justin said this because he noticed that Myra was a little depressed.

"Ha ha! I'm with you, who else can mess with me except you? " Myra said with a smile.

"Whatever. As long as you are happy." Justin said with a smile.

"Forget it. I won't kid you. Let's talk about you! When did you come back? " Myra asked with a smile.

"What if I say I just came back today? Do you believe me? " Justin said with a casual face.

Are you kidding me? Can't you be serious?

believe me. Why did you ask? Are my words so untrustworthy? " Justin said

came back today, how could you have time to invite me to dinner? It's normal that I don't believe you.

can't invite you to dinner as soon as I come back? Woman, what's your IQ! I really doubt how

your eyes? I'm living well now, aren't I? Humph! What a narcissistic and arrogant man! "

are you so excited? People should be relieved and live happily every day. "


me as a child! Alas! You'd better drink less! Justin saw that Myra was in a bad mood and always filled her glass and drank it all. 'If

purse? Don't worry. It's my treat. As long as you let me

grabs your wine. "

it. Let's not argue with her

Myra didn't plan to put down the glass for a while. She drank one

I mean, are you crazy? It's not good to drink like this! " Said Justin,

drink. I will be in a good mood if I am

ask you

like this? Josef, I'm so sad. You still don't

was drunk. Justin almost fainted. This woman could always make him worry about her.

her. He had heard about it for a long time that Myra and Josef got married half

are living a happy life. But he saw her like this today. Maybe it

the bill, Justin started to

Justin paid the bill. So they didn't meet each other in the

Yvonne home and

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