My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 7 Acting

"Ah! It hurts. " Myra fell heavily on the ground and her hand was scratched by something. She cried in pain.

"Miss Myra, let me have a look." Mrs. Liu said with concern and helped her up.

"You are really good at pretending." Josef said coldly and left. Mrs. Liu helped Myra to the bed.

"Miss Myra, please wait for me here. I'll go downstairs and get you the first aid." Then Mrs. Liu left in a hurry.

"Don't be so troublesome, it is just a small wound. It's okay. " But Mrs. Liu didn't listen to Myra. She went downstairs to get the first aid.

In less than a minute, she came up with first aid.

Fortunately, there was nothing except the parts of the broken mobile phone thrown by Josef. So only one of Myra's hands was scratched by the broken phone shell.

"It hurts, Mrs. Liu. I'd better do it myself!" Afraid of the pain, Myra wanted to wipe the wound herself.

"No. Although it's a little painful now, there won't be any scars after the medicine is applied. Just put up with it! " Mrs. Liu said worriedly.

"Oh, I see." That was all Myra could say. After applying medicine to Myra, Mrs. Liu put aside the first aid kit and was about to clean up Myra's bedroom.

"Mrs. Liu, it's late. You can clean it up tomorrow!" Said Myra.

"Well, how can you have a rest if I don't clean it up? There are things everywhere. What if you fall again? " Mrs. Liu said worriedly.

"I'd better sleep in the guest room for one night! You can clean it up tomorrow. " Said Myra.

"But what about Mr. Josef?" Said Mrs. Liu. "Don't worry! He won't come back to sleep in the bedroom tonight. " Said Myra.

"Is it really good?" Mrs. Liu said and was about to help Myra to the guest room.

"Mrs. Liu! My hand is injured, not my feet. You can go back and have a rest! And thank you so much tonight. " Myra forced a smile.

"Don't thank me. You young people are sometimes too impulsive. By the way, you'd better not touch water now, it will heal faster." Mrs. Liu said with concern.

When Myra went back to the guest room, she really felt very tired.

It was almost twelve o'clock. She was so tired that she just wanted to have a good sleep. But she smelled the alcohol on her body and she fell down just now, she felt sticky all over her body.

She had to stand up and walk to the bathroom to clean herself. She just wanted to take a quick shower and have a good rest. She totally forgot what Mrs. Liu's said about not touching water.

It was really inconvenient to hurt one hand. After taking a shower, Myra came out and wanted to dry her hair.

However, one of her hands was holding the hair dryer, and the other was injured and was wet by water. A little touch of it would make her painful to death.

an hour to dry her hair. The other hand was not scratched, but hurt by Josef.

really a large area of

so much? If Mrs. Liu hadn't come

her like this only because he was drunk? Myra had seen him get drunk before! This matter had never happened before.

to a bar owned by

he entered that bar, his appearance attracted many people's attention.

jealous when they

man sitting next to them. They really

'Why wasn't the man beside me like Josef?

be a match for him? He didn't even deserve to help him

and stared at him.

wanted to drink alone quietly. He had seen too much admiring gazes from others since he was a

time, Myra also looked

a year, but things had changed. Women's hearts were fickle. Nothing was true.


of accosting. In less than

even have a drink quietly.'

turned around and found that it was his friend, the boss of the bar Ellen, calling

this late hour? Did you couple quarrel? " Ellen said

we didn't quarrel?" Said Josef.

a bad mood! Do you want tell me

drink with me." Answered

to my office! " Said

"Okay!" Josef agreed.

Ellen's office, it was much quieter than outside.

of wine for both of them, just

been friends with you for so many years, and I've rarely seen you like this.

have a few drinks.

known each other? Do you want to hide

is a quarrel. What can't you say? It is normal

she had an affair." Said Josef. "I... You are kidding me... I... " Ellen choked on the wine

so humiliating to drink like this." Josef said with

because of you. Josef, don't joke when I am drinking or eating something

Who is joking with you?" Josef said

Josef's forehead with his

fine. " Josef drained his glass again.

Even Myra is said to have an affair

Myra isn't as simple as you think."

Do you think I will fall in love with her? Don't you

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