My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 8 Josef's Ruthlessness

"What? You are so kind-hearted! How can you sympathize with that kind of woman? " Josef said bitterly.

"Hey, Josef, may I ask you a question? You have to answer me honestly. " Said Ellen.

"What question? When am I not honest? " Said Josef.

"Well, look at you just now. Are you really in love with Myra? Otherwise, why do you care so much about whether she has an affair or not? And why do you come out for a drink in the middle of the night? " Said Ellen.

"Did I say that I really care about her? Is she worth it? How can an ordinary girl like her match me? Why do you ask such a stupid question? " Said Josef.

"You didn't answer me directly. I really hope that you won't fall in love with her. Otherwise, you will have a hard time in love. " Said Ellen sincerely to Josef.

"Don't worry about it. I'm not blind. Is my taste so bad? Don't you know my IQ? But you... I have never seen you have a formal girlfriend. Don't play so much. It's hard to find a girlfriend if you get old. " Josef teased.

"Show off! Humph! I'm not as handsome as you, and I'm not that miserable! After all, I am still single and rich. This is my advantage! " Said Ellen.

"Got it. It is your advantage." Josef said with a smile.

Ellen and Josef drank a lot. It was almost three o'clock.

Josef had something to do tomorrow morning. Seeing that Ellen was drunk, it was not interesting to drink alone.

Josef called Ellen's driver to pick him up. He also took the car key and was about to leave.

"Mr. Josef, let's drive you home!" The bar manager said in a hurry.

can drive by myself." Josef

If Mr. Ellen knows it tomorrow, we will lose our job." The

worry! I insisted on driving home. It's none of your business. I will talk to Ellen later.

where to go

to bed early. When he came back,

rubbish on the ground was

drunk. He couldn't sleep in such a room! So

happened that the guest room that he opened was the one Myra was sleeping in. Maybe it was because she was so tired that she forgot to lock the door, or maybe she

at the faint light by the bed, Myra remembered that he made Myra fall down tonight. He

so he said the opposite words in such

pretend to be pitiful sometimes. It was not good to be

a little drunk. He felt at ease when he saw

of him, so the women around him came either for

seldom had a good sleep these years. Since he met Myra, he felt at ease with her.

Justin... Thank you! " Myra murmured

me! " Josef was so angry that he

Myra woke up from

hurt? Will you hurt? Tell me! Who is Justin to you? Get up and tell me! " Out of control,

in the middle of the night? Haven't you

can still sleep, then I'm really insane. " Said

really made a mistake. Marrying you is the most unlucky thing in

most unlucky thing is marrying me? " Clenching

Josef... " Myra was almost choked to

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