My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 10 Drifting Apart

Half an hour had passed when Myra came out of the bathroom. It was undeniable that Josef always had a unique taste in choosing clothes. Myra looked at the beautiful woman in the mirror.

She must have worn the clothes that Josef had brought to her just now. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so beautiful! But there was a little flaw. The wound on her forehead looked ugly. Myra thought with dissatisfaction.

"Honey! What are you thinking about? " Josef hugged Myra from behind and said.

"Why are you walking silently? It will scare me to death. " Myra said unhappily.

"It's not that I walk silently. It's just that you were too obsessed with something and didn't notice it. But it's still my fault. I scared my dear. I'm sorry! Honey. " Josef said with a glib tongue.

Myra was speechless. She didn't know what to say. If it was in normal times, she could answer it! But now she felt that no matter what Josef said, it was like a time bomb, which would explode from time to time.

She didn't dare to detonate it!

"It's time to go downstairs to have breakfast. I'm really hungry." Myra had to say so. "Okay." With these words, Josef took Myra's hand and went downstairs.

When they came to the dining table downstairs.

"Good morning, Mr. Josef and Miss Myra! The breakfast is ready. " Mrs. Liu greeted.

When she saw the wound on Myra's forehead, she was really shocked, but she didn't know what to say for the sake of the spoiled attitude of Josef.

'Alas! Young people nowadays! Why can't they sit down and have a good talk? ' But she just thought about it and didn't dare to say anything more.

After all, she worked for them. How could she get involved in the employer's family affairs? She just needed to do her job well.

"Honey! Come and sit down! " Josef quickly pulled up a chair for Myra.

"Thank you! Please sit down! " Myra said in a spoiled tone. Mrs. Liu felt happy for them when she saw them love each other so much.

'It seemed that the misunderstanding between them a few days ago had been cleared up! It was normal a couple quarreled, but they would reconciled soon, didn't they? Mr. Josef and Miss Myra were no exception. After they reconciled, the warm scene at home was back. As a servant, I was in a good mood. Didn't need to worry too much! ' She thought.

Looking at the good attitude of Josef, Myra always felt uncomfortable.

that she

She couldn't forget it even she wanted, it was like a brand. It kept reminding

those who followed me would thrive,

breakfast was very short, but today, Myra

does the wound on your forehead still hurt? " Josef asked with concern.

okay. It tastes good. It doesn't hurt

my wound was caused by you. Now you pretended to care about me. You were really a madman. I' was so unlucky to meet a man like you.' Myra thought angrily.

Josef. He was like a

definitely be blown to pieces and had no ability to

was she thinking about in the early morning? She was disgusted and pretended to

like this? I didn't commit a serious crime. And she

was popular among people. I had never been disliked

what happened last

was thinking now. 'Did he want to take revenge on me? Whoop! Was

thing happen?' Now, Myra was scared and timid. Who knew if this madman would keep his word? She was still scared after thinking about it.

was disgusted with Josef's thought. She didn't know if she had hidden it well. Or did she have no intention of hiding it? Josef

to her? How could she have such an idea? It

know who was her God now. She was almost on my head. ' Thinking of that, his face was

act that way, Josef felt much more relieved. 'This woman was so

would she be obedient.' Josef thought this was Myra's weakness, so he was happy

face, Myra felt a

to deal with her? The more Myra thought about it, the more she thought it was possible. After all, Josef

in Myra's heart could be compared with that of a madman. If he knew, our beautiful and handsome CEO would definitely

temper. But not everyone was lucky to

was lucky enough to see that. Was it because she often prayed for the Buddha? How could only

wanted to kill herself with a tofu. Was it a joke

That would be that she was really an innocent woman, showing any thoughts on

He was almost omnipotent among the old and the

Those women were beautiful. But they were either big breasted and brainless or wanted to win his heart with

angry and sad expression on Myra's ordinary face, he felt that this

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