My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 11 Clingy Josef

Even though Josef treated her like that, her love for him had never changed. Although she felt wronged.

But if one day she was asked to leave him, could she really do it? Maybe she couldn't do it! She loved him so much.

She really hadn't thought about how to live without him.

It was not until Josef went upstairs to his room that he dialed a number that he hadn't contacted for a long time.

A pleasant song was heard from the phone. At last, the customer service staff said, "Sorry, the number you dialed can't be answered for the time being."

"Damn it! You bastard! Why don't you answer my phone?" Josef cursed angrily.

On the other hand, he continued to dial Patrick's phone number, but there was still a pleasant song, and he still didn't hear him answering the phone.

Maybe Patrick was in some girl's bed early in the morning. It had to be said that Patrick was a playboy.

He had been hanging out with all kinds of women all day long, but he was good at coaxing women. No woman had made trouble for him.

Finally, when Josef dialed the number for the third time, Patrick finally answered it.

"Damn it! Josef, you'd better have something important to tell me. Otherwise, why did you call me so many times in the morning? " Patrick said in a bad tone.

"Well, if I am really waiting for you to save my life, I will die hundreds of times earlier. I'm telling you, there's a limit to play with women. How dare you not answer my phone? It seems that you have been living a very leisurely life recently! " Said Josef coldly.

"Well... Brother, please don't do that. I'm joking. I'm sorry! I just got up and said in a bad tone. Brother, don't take it too seriously! I am stupid. Please forgive me this time! " Patrick said with grievance.

I would suffer a lot. It

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bad mood when I get up. I promise it won't happen again. Why

was so angry with Patrick that he forgot why he called. Only after hearing Patrick's question did he realize that. He called to ask Patrick to come

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injured?" Asked Patrick in a low

you, the top doctor of the medical department, to come here if no one is injured? Do you think I'm bored? " Said Josef

that! I'll be there soon. " Patrick flattered.

nonsense with you. Bye." Josef hung up the phone.

really good to me. I was too stupid. Otherwise, I


be snickering. Shouldn't he hurry up? We didn't need to wait for him to save people.

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eat much when I'm away. You're too thin.

you haven't eaten much. You should continue eating! "

you don't eat with me. I won't eat either. I'll go upstairs with you. "

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were really boring. It seemed that they were making trouble

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