My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 14 Justin Was Drunk

"No way! Taobao also supports returns. Dear! You can't be too overbearing. " Myra complained.

"Ha ha! It is too late to regret. Dear! You are destined to be mine. Just accept the fact! " Josef comforted Myra with a smile. "What a domineering man! Don't judge a person by his appearance!" Myra said coldly.

"Ha ha! Take it easy. I will only be domineering to you. You have earned a lot. " Josef laughed like a furtive cat.

The two of them had a wonderful lunch in the laughter. Happy time was always short.

The love between Josef and Myra returned to normal.

Seeing this, Mrs. Liu thought that this was a happy life. The two of them had a wonderful day at home.

In the evening, they finished dinner.

Josef said, "Honey! I'm going to the study to deal with some documents. Can you watch TV by yourself? I'll come to accompany you after I finish my work, okay? " "Okay." Myra answered.

"Well, but I really want to hug you. It is not good to be alone in the study. Why don't you come over and keep me company? " Josef acted like a spoiled child again.

"Ha ha! Good boy! Of course, it's so cold. How can you let your wife stay there? Dear! You're being naughty again. " Myra said with a smile.

"All right! Dear! You've said so. I'll just be obedient. Give me some rewards? " After saying that, Josef kissed Myra again and went into the study.

"Lustful!" Myra said shyly.

"Ha ha! Dear! I have to go now. I'll tell you what true lust is when I come back. " Josef said ambiguously.

"You are such an impure person. You'd better work hard! I'm going to watch a movie. Bye! " Then she went back to her room.

Josef was getting more and more flirtatious. Myra couldn't win every time. Ha-ha! But Myra really liked this kind of Josef.

'It seemed that the old saying was right. Women loved bad men. ' Thinking of this, Myra felt a little embarrassed.

she also a lascivious woman? Whoosh! Myra couldn't be a lascivious woman. Ha-ha! She'd better be a

Josef was thinking about Myra's blushing face. The more he looked at her, the more beautiful she

you really walked into

was willing to be your capture of love. Why

it anymore. I'd better finish the documents as soon as possible

this, Josef began to work.

what Josef had thought when he invited her to the

a few days ago still bothered her.

the misunderstanding between them had been cleared up today, no one mentioned the thing that happened two days ago. Every time Myra wanted to

to the study. Did he choose to believe

unintentionally just now? Thinking of this, Myra still couldn't figure out what Josef meant.

not to think about it anymore. She gave up the idea

time, her phone rang.

the most beautiful but difficult to sing. The more you sang, the more flustered you would be. The song couldn't dispel the sadness. There were many lovers looking at each other.' Myra liked this song very much,

voice came as soon as

always go to bed so early? " Said Justin sarcastically.

What does it mean by a housewife always goes to bed so early? You knew I'm asleep, but

kidding? Why do you hate me so much?

you free now?

ha! How do you know I'm free now? Are you really a mind

Who wants to be your mind reader? " Myra

at you. Do you feel wronged to chat with me? Poor me! "

you by calling so late?" Said Myra in a cold

something nice to me! Am I too cheap? I always call you. I'm so cheap... " Justin said inarticulately.

really knocked me out.

can I remember to

when you are drunk? Do you still want to run around outside? " Said Myra.

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