My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 15 Difficult To Make A Choice

After hanging up the phone, Myra began to look for a movie to watch.

While thinking, she wondered what was wrong with Justin tonight. 'Why did he say he liked me?

Did you really think I was a fool? Did you think I believed whatever you said? You couldn't even fool a three year old child.

How dared you make fun of me? Justin, you were really itchy.'

However, ordinary people couldn't keep up with Myra's thought. No wonder Justin said so and felt so frustrated.

She was really a single-minded woman.

Myra wanted to watch a movie and not to think about what Justin said.

Ha-ha! Myra was really broad-minded! But no wonder that Myra felt nothing. She only cared about Josef.

She had time to care about others. It's hard for Justin not to admit defeat.

There were so many beautiful women outside. Why did he want a married woman? Didn't he ask for suffering?

But he was also wronged. Was there anything wrong with falling in love with someone?

Moreover, when he liked Myra, she was not a married woman. He knew her first.

But she got married secretly two years ago. Whoop! Justin was really wronged. He couldn't feel more wronged.

The more he thought, the more annoyed he became. He drank one glass after another without hesitation. He was really sad.

Josef was working hard with the documents in the study. Suddenly, his phone rang.

'Forgive my hidden arrogance. I went to fight against the boundless universe. Entangled in your dreams, like the burning flames, and the vicissitudes of your life had come to an end.' This was a famous song.

It was a song from a TV series that Myra liked to watch. After listening to it for several times, Josef felt it was a little pleasant, so he used this song as the ringtone.

He answered the phone quickly. "Boss, what are you busy with?" Ellen's voice came from the other end of the line.

Normally, Ellen would call Josef the president of the company, but in secret, Josef was the leader.

him boss. Before Josef could figure out what was going

boss, you have to solve your private affairs as soon as possible.

can I do?" Josef

can't solve it, we can help you. " Ellen made it clear. "I don't need you to worry

blame me for being nosy. There are some things that should be broken up. Otherwise,

busy now." After saying

that had been hung up, Ellen was very worried about Josef. 'What's wrong with boss? He had never

hoped it's not what I thought!

fall in love with Myra this time. She was definitely not the

worrying! I hoped boss can figure it

the mood to read the

had been waiting for the success and had been enduring humiliation for so many years. How could he disappoint these brothers?

for him to betray Myra. If it was a few days ago, he could get

why did it

had to be

he couldn't think of any way to kill two birds with one

How could your love

to make


in the bedroom and checked the time. 'Oh, it was already eleven o'clock.

come to accompany

was almost a workaholic' Myra made a cup of coffee for Josef. 'I'd better keep his head up!

I was such a good wife.' Thinking of this, Myra was

Knock! " Myra knocked on the door of

Josef extinguished the cigarette

Thank you. I brought you some coffee. " Said

You are so kind to me.


work was too boring, so I smoke. I won't do it again, honey! Don't

tell me if you have anything, even if I can't help you." Myra said worriedly.

our room first! It's late now. I can finish my work tomorrow. It is important to accompany my honey. " After saying that, Josef went back to his room with Myra in

you, okay? " After returning to the bedroom, Myra said

thank you, honey." With these words, Josef sat on

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