My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 17 The Thoughtfulness Of Josef

"Well. Honey, let's call it a day. Bye! " After saying that, Myra was about to hang up the phone.

"Wait, honey, I love you! You must take good care of yourself when I'm not at home. Well, I miss you! " Said Josef.

"Ha ha! I love you too. Honey! " After saying that, Myra hung up the phone.

Let's get up and wash up first! She really felt tired! After washing up, she felt much more comfortable.

After she changed her beautiful clothes, she went downstairs to look for food. When she reached the stairway, she happened to meet Mrs. Liu.

"Miss Myra, good noon! I was about to go upstairs and ask you to have lunch. " Said Mrs. Liu.

"Good noon!" Myra answered in a good mood and went downstairs with Mrs. Liu.

Mrs. Liu pulled out a chair for Myra and said, "These are the dishes that Mr. Josef just asked me to cook for you."

"Ha ha! Well! They smell good. Mrs. Liu, please sit down and have lunch with me! I feel a little lonely eating alone. " Myra said with a smile.

"Well! No, I've already had it. Miss Myra, you'd better eat first! I'm going to work. " Mrs. Liu refused.

"All right!" Myra knew that there was no point to say more, so she agreed with Mrs. Liu.

Maybe she was really hungry. She was really full. She thought that it was ordered by Josef.

She felt that she was the happiest person in the world. She had a handsome and caring husband.

After hanging up the phone, Josef was still in a daze with his phone in his hand.

I really loved you and missed you.

wanted to be with you

last night. What could he do

time for lunch, but he had

for himself. He was thinking about what to do. What else could he

the door. "Come

It is lunch time. I just

You can eat first! I'm

Why don't you eat? If you trust me. Tell me about it! Maybe I can

much. " Josef didn't intend to tell her too much, so he

that I'm here with you. Sometimes I may not be able to help you, but it's good to give you advice. It is good to have one more person and idea. Isn't it? " Yvonne didn't give up.

a little hungry after talking so much. " Josef still

which was bothering Josef. 'But it seemed that he didn't want me to know.

already solved it? What else could

I could help him, I would be closer to his heart.

been thinking about it when she was having lunch with Josef. "What are you thinking about? Yvonne! " Josef


Have you reconciled with Myra? She is a good girl. " Yvonne pretended to be

helping me last time. "

ha! You've already thanked me. Don't forget that I'm your confidant. It's my duty to help you. No matter what happens, I will help you as long as I can. " Yvonne looked into

meal! We'll be busy later. " Josef answered with a smile.

eyes just now. Josef was not stupid. How could

long suspected the reason why Yvonne came to his company. 'There were

nothing happened after she came here. She just helped me like

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