My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 18 Josef's Worry

"No! Boss! Seriously. I just want to ask... Well... How's it going? " Patrick asked weakly.

"What? Didn't Ellen call me last night? Isn't there still a few days left? Why are you always urging me? Did I say I wasn't solving it? It will take some time, won't it? " Said Josef in a bad tone. "Ha ha! Like what I have said. Who is our boss? It is Ellen and others who ask me to call you. I've told them earlier, but they don't believe me. Boss! It's none of my business. Bye-bye! Boss! " Patrick hung up the phone quickly.

Josef heard the quarrel between Ellen and Simon.

'It seemed that these guys were so idle. They all get involved in my business.' Josef thought and was a little angry.

But after thinking it over, he began to worry. What should he do with the matter between him and Myra?

He still couldn't come up with a good idea. 'I told Ellen I was acting.

It wouldn't be a problem. But it hadn't been a while.

Should I tell my brothers that I was too deep in the acting and couldn't solve it? ' Josef had a headache and didn't know what to do.

'If I told them, they might not agree with me being with Myra. It's an unwise decision, but I really loved her. ' Josef was contradictory now.

him for so many

he loved most in his life. He couldn't choose to give up her, and he had promised her that he would never hurt her again. Josef lit up the cigarette one after

by Ellen and Simon, "Well, Patrick! How dare you shift the

wouldn't call him and whoever wanted to call him could do that. And now you are blaming me. It's so unfair. " Patrick said

Look how scared you are. You betrayed us. " Ellen and Simon said.

to call him. I was not stupid to do such a hard and thankless

didn't dare to say it out! After all, he couldn't win them two. He knew

was not a good thing to go on like this! The boss's answer was ambiguous, we still didn't hear

him. But he said it firmly at that time, and I couldn't get any result. It seems

the relationship between him and sister-in-law is really good!

idiot! Boss will suffer if he doesn't break up with Myra. I am not saying that Myra is not good. But they are really not the right person for each other. How could

let her go. If we are not together, how can we still talking about loving or not? Anyway, boss's decision is

boss, then she will be his biggest weakness. Do you know what will happen to a person once he has a weakness? Especially someone like boss. Is he allowed to have such a weakness in his current life? " Simon said to Patrick.

for so long. Isn't he also safe? Nothing serious happened. " Patrick retorted. 'I always felt that it's unfair to Myra. I hadn't seen her for several times. However, I felt that a woman like Myra was a perfect match for Josef. Lovers had to be together sincerely if they loved each

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