My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 21 Take Tour Time

"Really? But why don't I think so? Which time don't bother me? Humph! " Myra continued.

"I can't afford to offend a woman! Especially someone like you! " Justin said innocently.

"Why are you so stingy today? Can't I just say something? It is so strange. Are you... " Myra didn't finish her words on purpose.

"Alas! Can you finish your words? What do you mean? " Justin sighed.

"Take your time! I will take a nap. Wake me up when we arrive! " Myra really close her eyes and fell asleep after saying that.

'Well... This woman really was not on her guard at all! She really trusted me. But what could I do to you? ' Thinking of this, Justin felt a headache.

Beside him was the woman he had always loved, but he didn't even have the right to say that he loved her.

'Myra, when would you understand my love for you? Did you love that Josef so much?

Why did you get married so early? It took me a lot of courage to confess my love to you last night, but you only said that I was drunk and talked nonsense.

I really wanted to tell you that I really meant it, but I didn't have the courage to say it. I was afraid that I would frighten you, and I was afraid that you wouldn't talk to me anymore.

Now I could hear your voice and meet you from time to time. I was very satisfied.'

A ringing phone interrupted Justin's thoughts and woke up Myra.

Justin answered the phone, "Hello!" "Where are you?" Said Bess.

"I'm almost there. Are you already there?" Justin asked. "Yes! You can come up directly when you arrive! Do you know where it is? " Said Bess.

"I know." After saying that, Justin hung up the phone.

Bess?" Myra thought for a

" Justin answered. "Justin, how is Bess now?"

you want to know? When I saw her, except for being more beautiful, she didn't change at all! " Justin

you do

ruin his image and make her

arrived. "Why is it the one we came last

was Bess. I just knew it. Don't you like it?

that I'm destined to come here." Said

each other for so many years.

thinking about? Why are you sad? " Justin asked. "Nothing. I just don't know what to say when I see Bess. " Myra spoke out


are you thinking about all day long? It's okay that you don't give me any advice. What's

me like that! I just said one word, and how could it disturb your thoughts? Am I that powerful? I

here! Myra... " Bess

Justin said and found a

a lot to say, but she didn't know

and talk." Myra replied.

in fact, I left without saying goodbye with a reason. Now I can only say sorry. I wonder if you can forgive me for breaking my promise.

to forgive you?" Myra still couldn't untie the knot in her

are you so entangled with the past? " Said Justin,

the meal! Myra, do you want more dishes? I ordered

is ok. I'm not a picky eater. We can't eat that

worry about her. " Justin

you..." Myra was speechless.

Myra, you can order more!" Bess

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