My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 22 Josef Finally Said It

After work, Josef drove directly to Ellen's house. "Boss, you are here!" It was Patrick who came to open the door. "Everyone is here!" Josef followed in and asked. "We are waiting for you, boss." Patrick said with a smile.

"Boss!" "Boss!" Ellen and Simon answered Josef at the same time.

"Are the dishes ready? I'm hungry. Let's begin! " Josef took off his suit and sat down.

"We haven't had dinner together for a long time. Let's get hammered tonight," said Ellen, pouring red wine for everyone.

With a smile, Josef stood up and said, "Let's get hammered tonight. It's a deal!"

"Cheers!" All of them stood up and said, they finished drinking and sat down.

"Ellen, the dishes you cook are getting better and better. They are almost better than the masters." Josef praised as he tasted the dishes.

"Thank you for your praise, boss. It's not in vain for me to cook just now." Ellen answered happily as if he had got a reward.

"Not bad! It's not good! Look at you! " Said Patrick.

"Yes! It is not good. I agree with Patrick. " Simon said deliberately.

"Patrick, Simon, what are you two saying? I won't cook for you two next time. If you don't like it, you two can eat less. " Ellen said angrily.

"Boss, look at Ellen, we can't joking with him now. It seems that he is too idle. " Patrick said with a smile.

Josef just ate with a smile without saying anything. "Boss, look at the two of them. They are bullying me." Ellen said hurriedly.

are joking. Don't take it seriously. It is important to eat. You guys go on! I will uphold justice for you when

a greedy man." Ellen

Josef's fault to be so busy

eat anything today. He was really hungry and the dishes Ellen cooked were really delicious.

eat first! Otherwise, he would be in no mood to eat when they talked about business later.

She was afraid that Josef's stomach would be hurt, so she would ask him to eat something

mood, Ellen, Simon Patrick were not in the mood

didn't know how to mention it to Josef later.

anything if I don't

didn't say anything but looked at each other with a smile. "I know the reason why you asked me to have dinner tonight, you want to

are not forcing you to make a decision. We

want to hide it from you. It isn't fair to you. I don't want to be separated from Myra. " Said

to be separated from Myra." This sentence scared both Ellen and Simon to

be possible? Did I hear it wrong?' Ellen

But at this moment, both

contrary, it seemed that Patrick had already known the result, so he didn't

wine and said, "Boss, I am not pouring cold water on you! Your decision is very unwise. I don't agree with your decision. But I

of Patrick's words, Simon and Ellen were very happy. It was hard for Patrick to be

'What did that mean? It was better not to say anything. What a

my mind. But now I have changed my mind. I'm sorry for

you know some things that we haven't told you. Is this really

the play too deeply. I can't walk out. It's all my fault. I'm really sorry, you

expect that a handsome man like you would fall in love with an ordinary woman like Myra. I really

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